Andromeda galaxy and hypothermia


By Henryk Szubinski



from the basics of the Andromeda surface flatteness of its spiral arms as a type level heater on the level surface onto which the Andromeda rests



and the basics of the immersion values for a input of a hypothermic

object into its general field of rotation as the basics of a slow temperature or fast temeperature increase by the input values on being static in non motion as the basics of the time spent in a static situation without moovement

can and will do the rotational increase of the time value = a additional value of this lower level static positioning of the feet of a gravity event in a immersed state and in static responses

Will do the basics on the situative parameter problem as being heat induced to the basic safety of a hypothermic situation for a human case subject in immersed static situations




basic moisture farming on a exo solar planet






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