Solar flares and technology hazzards

SOLAR FLARES and tech hazzards

By Henryk Szubinski

video courtesy of Youtube



the coronal effect of a electrioc discharge as the event 2012 solar corona and the polar hole through the Earths magnetic field

Basically human attract static electricity

this discgharged absorbtion of static electricity is discharged back and can be shown to exist by the types of discharges on hands and finders or dipods

basically level 3 = the same types of absorbancy and discharge of static coronal values as are with the human type  is the same as with the Earth type elöectrical discharges

the whole compatability of humans + Earth coronal effects are a basic transferrance zone

The Poles at each end of the Earths geo magnetic as well as magnetic poles

What is the basic displacer of the problem

The coronal effects of the lunar motion and the baqsis of the eclipses in the lunar and Earth vector similatrity with the sun

Basics of involvements are defined as being LUNAR = SOLAR / 2

as 1/2 of the Earth values and the alternate Human value populace as being the type drive to generate a solar cooling effect on Ecliptical and the moments when eclipses occur..

Basically the north or south poles are facing upwards

The magnetic wind is on a frontal basis so that the eclipses are part of the frontal and top polar magnetic moment as a type of locative problematic of the data on flow and the rates at whcih the whole Earth is being a x value derived problem of the data as being electrically discharged or NULLED as the technological surceptability to solar flares

This works on the same basis as the human POLAR and Ecliptic events:

Basis of the data being in a radial distributions field of about 24 degrees of rotational uncertainty as well as the probems of the data on generated similarity of the problem= the generative data as being in the responsive by exponentials of alower range troph effect as well as the error being between the 2 levels = 3 rd level

As the data on the problems of the full levels of solar eclipticals with the general ruels for the whole value universe format = a very small effective discharge of a ion radial type electrode discharge as a O2 format seen in the types of granite and the break law of such geological effects that leave a hard smell: can be used to absorb the electrical incongruencies

as well as being the types of data evidence for the radial interactions of the general data of the whole related to sections of the whole effect zone going from the types of solar = levels of hemisphere faceing the data on alterations between the granite conductivity and the basis of displacability of the basics of LUNAR mobility by the responsives of the minimal value of solid responses to a larger similarity of fluidity by types H2O as being the motivators for interactive LUNAR / SOLAR coronal effects

Are basically defined as the currents that rotate about the sysme and is basically 1/2 rotational track 2pi r squared as the elongated = ellipticals and the divisive zone of a type incline agle at which the coronals are totally dissimilar by a stable reference of solar polarity or its frontal value projectives to the LUNAR positioning in relation to Earths non symmetry of its interactions of elecromagnetism as being upwards from the Earths north pole


.so that there are 3 incongruencies


the polar Earth is at the north poles coronal interaction or non interaction


the lunar recycling of the eleclipse events is frontal as a polar relation or non relation to coronal energy or force


the solar is not 1 and not 2 : it is rather a angle that is its polar motion motivator for the polarity at a larger tan angle value of

Tan angle 3= 1/2

and will be positioned at the edge of the galaxy as in frontal time or reverse time as being non polarisable by the Earth or the Moon.


multiple quant separations of euclidean vectors



of right, acute, and obtuse angles are certainly quantitative…. Angles that are not right angles or a multiple of a right angle are called oblique angles. …. In the Euclidean plane, the angle θ between two vectors u and v is  Astronomers measure the angular separation of two stars by imagining two 


9 Aug 2010  The regions of the light-cone and the spacelike separation of present …. If a point observer is at the centre of a field of inward pointing space-time vectors then Quantum physics provides many fundamental insights into the nature of time. …. Retrieved from “


Alienation in science” can be defined by the degree of separation between scientific content and …. DNA/RNA catalyst’s multiple activity as driver of metabolic clock-reactions . ….interact as effective vector-forces in Euclidean space. …. 


Quantum Theory. Quantum Mechanics WikiPedia entry (beginner) ….. that the separationbetween A and B is five times greater the separation from …. to distance in Euclidean space and that is used for relating a number to ….. “But an equally valid interpretation of the process is that a four-vector standing wave 


Definition of Euclidean zoning in the Legal Dictionary – by Free online English dictionary and Wikipedia encyclopedia  The separation or division of a municipality into districts, …..Euclidean prime number theorem · euclidean quantum field theory  Euclidean vectorspace · Euclidean Viterbi Algorithm 


Quantum formation has beginning and end but by energetic space time …. The Space-Time Continuum of the Special Theory of Relativity Considered as a Euclidean Continuum  the measurement of space-like separation is the proper distance:  of the position vector \ \mathbf X of a particle, taken with respect to 


3 Dec 2006  The state of a qubit can be described as a vector in a ….. be found in polynomial time using the well known Euclidean algorithm. …. with these models theseparation between the classical part (i.e., ….. Steane A.M. (1996), ‘Multiple particle interference and quantum error correction’, Proc. 


Home of Wiki & Reference Answers, the world’s leading Q&A site  Mass, time, distance, heat, and angular separation are among the familiar examples of quantitative Establishing quantitative structure and relationships between different ….vector quantity has direction a scalar quantity does not? ..


. Estermann Euclidean quantum gravity Euclidean space Eugene Wigner Euler-Lagrange rse theory MOSFET Mossbauer effect Mott insulator Multiple scattering …. ector mesonsvector potential vector space Vector space dimension  All articles and pictures of this book were retrieved from the Wikipedia Project ..


is the force on by; and are the masses; and are the position vectors of …. In other words, newtonian gravity is inconsistent with a Universe which is Euclidean great deal of promise to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics,  This article is from Wikipedia. All text is available under the terms of 



in such a high pressure zone as the galaxy the milky way will alter the suns vector for the bettwer or for the worse

This depends on the projected LINK of the solar PINCH so that even a very minimal displacement alteration will alter the galaxies central point force as motion along

the general incline to define events as they occur by a quatal link to a similar rotation as is = with the suns rotation on the larger scale

The quantal reality is that even the objective force on the incline has a force event influnce by the rotations of the incline as a force that displaces through its solid value in a type of pull on the remaining 2 vector forces shown to be the siuns motion or rotation and the incline force object in motion by rotations down the incline plane



basically the angle value show to be any trig value between the uncertainty quant zones will be stable while interacting with the influences of solar rotation and the rotation along the incline as the force of the total rotational value of the angle in motion along its basic incline .






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