weight limit of displacement

theory of weight and limited displacement

article and compiled theory concept by Henryk Szubinski



decellerate reversal of motion response to weight

data on the vector y reference of the basics in what is the related to displacements of the universe by the basics in the motion related vector oppositions of a UNIVERSAL resistance as the data on the basics of the displacement and its data on the general values of their relative positionings by stable spacetime as a relative point parameter

uncertainty is the basic displacement reversal and its full boostage by the multiple resistances in a vector plane

So that the basis of the displacement by the full parameters of exponential increases and the intersections of the vectors of the x resistances

so that the uncertainty of the basis in exchangning the resistance exponential by the usage of a multiple exp curve limited by x values + 1 ? the curvatures of multiple spherics and their curvature as the universe where the

exp + (x+1) =( R +x)/(2pir squ)

as a basis for the error on the data by using 1 vector through all of the formats where x =1

exp +2 =R+1 / 2pi r squ

exp + 1 = R / curve

as such the whole format of the planarity of the universe as seen in one surface area where the multiple values of the universe as being reduced and being inflated to such a level where the curvature becomes the law of the force values in emmidiate relations of the point and position of the secondary approach to such surfaces by the values of the universe going through the expansions + the values of a point previous to it +1 value of exp growth of the size of the universe

by the x+1 law = to the definitions of the sum amount as being minimal

So that the minimal value = the expanded value on basic concavity and altered concavity that acts like the basis of force like a spherical field in which 4 quadrances of x + 4 F =2 states of exp / cont

This will basically imply that the resistance points of intersections = points of deflation in a approach value to the real universal size by the basics of the points being a construct field volume of the size of a frontal universe projection =1

by x amounts of the field volume construct + deflation = expansion in a static relation where static expansion seems to be in motion but is the actual force field value of the multiple points So that the R displaces through the curvature will define the universe curvature on one dimensional vector curve and that the x values in approach of x = the multiple values of the y /2 = x+1


basic law of the reduced universe lens law where the Resistance displaces to a point at the expansional limit of the universe as a 1 molecular lend value difference of the reduction of the universe


As the demontrative value that defines the SPHERE OF THE UNIVERSE in its total measurement

the definition can be applied to it by:total sphericality of a universal lens sphere = to the contraction and expansions of its spherical surface area that combines the force with the the singularity in expansion at one end and contraction as previous to the pherical computation by the expansion value resultance






Where 3 lenses are vectorised the end lens as a concave sequence of 3 concave lenses will always = to the reductions of the lens dimensionality by its force of spectral values in a non photon related to value as a force = to the see through values of all 3 lenses so that this defines the amount of spectrable spacetime in which the end concave lens will define the expansional value of the full value of the volume as a specific amount of lensing by which the reductions of 1 lens = the force of the 2 lenses previous to the spectral value that displaces through it while the value is known to be a speciafic amount of volume, the 2 lenses previous to it is known as the alterations of what it is not sepecifically used to define the value of observing events outside of the universe limit..



(In the arms, the reaction force is equal to the weight of the portion of the arm below the  to experience a local loss of the gravitational field responsible for their general motion…. Inresponse to an extended period of weightlessness,  These effects begin to reverse quickly upon return to the Earth. ..

The weight of the car is balanced with a counterweight. ….. that directs 

Sun Flyby via Motion Reversal of Fast Sailcraft.png. As mentioned in point-3, the strong …..Retrieved from “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_sail” 

2 May 2010  Easy, accurate control- You can start, stop, accelerate, deceleratereverseor position large forces with great  Instantly reversible motion-within less than half a  High horsepower, low weight ratio- Pneumatic components are  Retrieved from “http://www.tiptheplanet.com/wiki/Fluid_Power” 

To get the maximum benefit from weight training using eccentric contractions,  The development of tension in a muscle in response to a nerve stimulus. ….. the muscle acts todecelerate the joint at the end of a movement or otherwise  The reverse holds true for when the muscle is stretched – force increases 

4 Nov 2010  This ability could even manipulate the body’s response to food,  decelerateit, or even reverse it), control its regeneration,  to be slowed down by excessive weight (or cause a normally-slower ally …. Retrieved from “http://theories.activatingevolution.org/swiki/wiki/index.php/Biokinesis” 

21 Feb 2007  Whenever I want to describe the motion of an object, ….. If you decelerateand reverse your direction so that you are moving away from the 


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