astronaut asylum


a article by Henryk Szubinski

with a excerpt from the astronaut assylum by

“In the Astronaut Asylum” correction

It’s come to my attention that “In the Astronaut Asylum,” a collaboration between Kendall Evans and myself, and first published in the 20th anniversary edition of Mythic Delirium, is missing a stanza in this year’s Rhysling Anthology.

the basis of the highest formats of multiples as =the value common to the highest types of work types in outerspace as the basis of the highest type of human evolutions as based on the total opposite:as the start value and through to the end of all evaluations on the basis of a non questionable value

meaning in general that the opposite is a very low value: on no prior or post value relations with the lower than low on basis Earth as a singular problem of the FALLEN IN LOVE OPT FOR a GO on this basis by the lowest human non evolutionary feel for the adventure of the final fronteirr WE ARE WHAT WE ARE BECAUSE WE CAN FEEL and DEFINE THE PROBLEM AS LOVE: when in need of the faculty in which alter humans from alter parameters in the universe would take notice of:NO WORK and a atttitude to continue; The basis of most sci fi = the rascal, scoundrel type from starwars to the sci fi of the everyday without any real need for a start in relationships with the end in no certain way SHURE:

This then is not the full value of the opposite of the example cited at the start it is rater the 1/2 : due to the measure of ASYLUM and the qualifications of the title ASTRONAUT this remains as a type screening where the opt is for 1/2 of the old ways and 1/2 of the degeneratives which most if not all humans consider as being the adventerous work of a ASTRONAUT…..on discretion..


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