what is garbagge disposal in relations to recycling

why is there priority in garbagge disposals

By Henryk Szubinski

.Europeiska flaggan

4 freedooms

the 5th framework the freedoom of knowledge moovement


the 7th framkework

.THE QUESTION ITSELF: as disposal or recycling is the very sensitive question itself to the functions of water:as a wastage clean up as well as a continual daily clean out:

The problem is not as markated right now; but there can be some data on the state right now and some basic choices everyone can make

.the current themselves are similar to the outline of ATLANTIS as a basic vulcanoe and its submerged form in relations to the Mountain in its centre as seen a bit on in this article:


The movement of surface currents pushed by the wind is fairly intuitive. For example, the wind easily produces ripples on the surface of a pond. Thus the deep ocean — devoid of wind — was assumed to be perfectly static by early oceanographers. However, modern instrumentation shows that current velocities in deep water masses can be significant (although much less than surface speeds).

In the deep ocean, the predominant driving force is differences in density, caused by salinity and temperature (the more saline the denser, and the colder the denser). There is often confusion over the components of the circulation that are wind and density driven[1]. Note that ocean currents due to tides are also significant in many places; most prominent in relatively shallow coastal areas, tidal currents can also be significant in the deep ocean.

The density of ocean water is not globally homogeneous, but varies significantly and discretely. Sharply defined boundaries exist between water masses which form at the surface, and subsequently maintain their own identity within the ocean. They position themselves one above or below each other according to their density, which depends on both temperatureand salinity.

Warm seawater expands and is thus less dense than cooler seawater. Saltier water is denser than fresher water because the dissolved salts fill interstices between water molecules, resulting in more mass per unit volume. Lighter water massesfloat over denser ones (just as a piece of wood or ice will float on water, see buoyancy). This is known as “stable stratification”. When dense water masses are first formed, they are not stably stratified. In order to take up their most stable positions, water masses of different densities must flow, providing a driving force for deep currents.

The thermohaline circulation is mainly triggered by the formation of deep water masses in the North Atlantic and theSouthern Ocean and Haline forcing caused by differences in temperature and salinity of the water.

a basic illustration of the wastage problem of a wastage user that takes hold of the problem and disposes of it:

as a basic comparative of the enouromous or greatly overrated problem between galaxies where most if not all of the conservations of force and energy depend largerly on the amount of Planetary depletion of resources and its recycling as 2 comparative cases and the question :

“would it be more efficient If we were to take our waste to another galaxy and dispose of it there”

well you would need some basic vector argument , so here is one:


.S+1(waste)———as missplaced and S +2 as the retrack and aquire or take hold of ones responsability——————————–displacement to a disposals unit—————-S back= S value as <on the way back to a balance as a addition of vectors  of the S vector to get to the waste and the S conserved by not having to go back to the disposals unit where it started its positive vector voyage..from the wrong place

.a super BOOST on this formulation is to start the disposal by a lower height level in holding on to it while taking it to the disposals unit as a basic gravity relation.

.as well as a super super boost is to not swing the garbagge too much and not to waste time looking at it from the sides to apreciate its features…might be facinating …but NO NOT REALLY: it will conserve force this way:


.if this is so only because the thoughts set into motion are really as such supportive of the argument for thinking and its conserved force or energy then it is because it conserves more force or energy

.the arguments for this type of cognitive wastage effort needed to think it with orr without any clear non indications while not recycling the cognitive stability is not really a cognitive problem based on only one involvement as a great secret:

If you were to define this in H2O types and their vector interactions on a similar basis , the track back would obviously cause riffts and eddies in the flow of H2O(f)

so that the whole format of SYMBIOTIC relations with the greater ECO concern for the SYMBIOSIS of the planet Earth had remained:


.to see the H2O relationship is as follows:

.S+1(waste)———as missplaced and S +2 as the retrack and aquire or take hold of ones responsability——————————–displacement to a disposals unit—————-S back= S value as <on the way back to a balance as a addition of vectors  of the S vector to get to the waste and the S conserved by not having to go back to the disposals unit where it started its positive vector voyage..from the wrong place

.and not as:

S+1 on its own as in a Disposals unit that does not belong to you——————————the S to it and back——————————————->is actually a greater S displacement value:



a sattelite around Andromeda would record data on a garbagge disposals observation = not a Milky way Galaxy similar sattelite recorded imagery as the same garbagge disposal

Basis of recycling the garbagge is based on the relative spacetime between events to a greater certainty of what is happening by the time value between events as a definite non problem on the Andromeda galaxy

And a problem definition status that can be adapted as the Milky way sattelite having learned that the disposals vectors do not conferr to immediate problems of the involvancies of the event as a type 1,2,3 observed event with its own galactic centrations of the data that there is something wrong with the bio functional wastage by the level of advancements and not the wastage as the advancements of multiple involvancy = a problem between humans…

Wastage is dependant totally on oneself and the decisive moove to displace the wastage by aquiring it such as in situations where the backtrackking needs to be used to take hold of the waste problem and to use ones own garbagge is also a basic definition in taking care of oneself by the difference of the height level of the problem as in 2 case problems: Do you have enough force to make the switch to a personal effort to take it outside is also a common definition of a problem that is not really a commentary on the self evidentiality of what looks like other peoples problems:

If the Andromeda galaxy can do its recycling and remain in its stable state: as a maintainement of the continuiim based relations of a non inquest into the problems of its garbagge being attractive to such a level that some force would cause the Andromeda to be attracted to the Milky way

And that the milky ways garbagge problems would not lead to a centrations of its problems to such a resultance of a attractive wastage in complex proximity of events that will not occur for the next few billion years

As is based on the

5th freedoom of knowledge moovement

the basis of wastage of the faculty of its total freedoom implies that there are no restrictions on the formats of data or knowledge in EU by the proximity to the old ways of data that was not aquirable by the populace in search for answers

Neither is it the problems of who or what has such laws of disposability of the resstrictive formats of knowledge in any relations to anyones probelms as shared to any extent by the sortments of certified data in relations to a larger concernative by the old and the new as the types of comparatives made to define a new knowledge value…


.If you wre to dispose of a recyclable bottle by displaceing to the Andromeda galaxy you would basically need to be shure and decide in what levels of gravity you were to displace and track back to the MILKY WAY as a type of interactions where the distance travelled to a disposal as forwards and back is actually less than the distance taken to get to the trash and to carry it around for the duration of a couple of metres to make the certainty of being on the way to dispose of garbagge as a greater certeinty of a event in quantum mechanical states as the dialations in which the Milky way has no LOSS of energy or force due to the laws of conservations of force by the basic longer displacement back without the wastage in hand.


In or near the Mediterranean Sea

Most of the historically proposed locations are in or near the Mediterranean Sea: islands such as SardiniaCrete and SantoriniSicilyCyprus, andMalta; land-based cities or states such as TroyTartessos, and Tantalus (in the province of Manisa), TurkeyIsraelSinai or Canaan;[citation needed]and northwestern Africa.[41][42] The Thera eruption, dated to the 17th or 16th century BC, caused a large tsunami that experts hypothesize devastated the Minoan civilization on the nearby island of Crete, further leading some to believe that this may have been the catastrophe that inspired the story.[43] A. G. Galanopoulos argued that Plato’s dating of 9,000 years before Solon’s time was the result of an error in translation, probably from Egyptian into Greek, which produced “thousands” instead of “hundreds”. Such an error would also rescale Plato’s Atlantis to the size of Crete, while leaving the city the size of the crater on Thera; 900 years before Solon would be the 15th century BC.[44] In the area of the Black Sea the following locations have been proposed: Bosporus and Ancomah (a legendary place near Trabzon).

Satellite image of the islands of Santorini. This location is one of many sites purported to have been the location of Atlantis

File:Santorini Landsat.jpg



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