TOO MUCH OR NOT ENOUGH……we came to Mars…..

living in Today the loss of a lot is still definable under the section : The unknown as a Question to the Quest of having found the self in all of the motivations on TVs and the daylies of human kind in motion everywhere waiting for the special moment when science says what is what by basic observations of the missing value of the overself:questions for Mars and the sentence of its landing crew….perhaps a question for philosophy in a time of TOO MUCH but not enough to stop searching for the unknown…in recorded formats of a continuiim universe similar to a camm corder and basic to the interactions of the MEDIA SEARCHERS of the future in cases maybe 100 yesr old maybe  a 1000 years old and having actual documenteed data as a format of the philosophies that will be or could be generated…for ways to survive or adapt to the questions of our time in a answer to the questions of the future I was here

Why are we here and what is the meaning of life

as a Medial educative format of computerisations through the ages gone but not gone away and the usage of media research to do the impossible, to learn about time..


t1  = 1000 years ago————–the formats of medial inquiry are present in the data MEDIAL continuiim= the unknown——————————a Media researcher says ” lets track back with the technologies we have now————————————————————-and displace through the times with interactive technology————————-from any place back to the future————————————-= the evidence of data from the interactive reporter scribbling fast as he or she travels through computerised history—————————–= the data is presented and the data defines the problems of the past as no longer real….


.the end sentence WOULD IT BE: that someone has been here to define the future of this as a MEDIAL RESEARCH format in which this response indicated INTERACTION and willingness to partake of such a QUEST



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