theory of SPRINGS: subject: theory of everything


on strings and branes

as well as the theory of everything


.by Henryk Szubinski



Clock mainspring

File:Clock Mainspring.png




A mainspring is a spiral torsion spring of metal ribbon that is the power source in mechanical watches and some clocks. Winding the timepiece, by turning a knob or key, stores energy in the mainspring by twisting the spiral tighter. The force of the mainspring then turns the clock’s wheels as it unwinds, until the next winding is needed. The adjectives wind-up and spring-wound refer to mechanisms powered by mainsprings, which also include kitchen timers, music boxes, wind-up toys and clockwork radios.


An uncoiled modern watch mainspring.



File:Mainspring Chinese uncoiled.jpg


a spectral relation of the similarity between springs and spectral imprints of stars



The spectrum of a star of spectral type K4III

If this type of spectrality has basis for its rotation in one direction its unwound state would be the alternate vector direction by conserved force of a type of maintained singular value = green spectrum and A type stars for example




would a spring wind up galaxy need some fuel

Well its basic fuel power would be derived from the lubrications of its main spring

the basis of this type of fluid existant as the H2O types 1,2,3 as the technology of MIDI CLORIANS and their relation to the fluid environements of everything running smoothly to the basic force of the pressure effects of each segmented dimensional relaity of their full value force.

.as basics of cold matter and dark matter

= the pressurised and reused types of fluids for smooth running of the galaxies in the universe as beyond a basic value of the general theory of defined interactions by the functions of the basis in its higher pick up values as the basis of the whole sections and their formats of the universal law that the static stillness of the future of the universe will not be reversed but will result in the basis of the whole formats by which the non active curvatures of the fluid STOPP in the universe as = the basics of the formats of their related to data as being in the inverted types of volume force fields that surround galaxies in all formats where there is NON BREAKAGE of the relations of the frontal motivators that  indicate where the MIDI types are leading the forefronts of advanced force by their seperations and compactions of the springs as basic STRINGS in their relative BRANE sections of relations that still WORK = F.S

as the basis of the data on the full usage of the definitions of the basis and the make of the tech types by their referenced to data on the full values of a type 1,2,3 grappling effect where the spring components can be related to as LIFTED by the time

t1—————————————-reversal of LIFT————————————-t2 = the basis of curvature back into the tensional dynamics of the spring:



.As the values of their indicatives by the definitions of where a stress value will go = left &/or right of a stability drive for the basics of the BRANES as they are observed in a artificial memory type displacement ahead of the telescope to make the observations.


File:Logarithmic Spiral Pylab.svg

a limited amount of interactions on the LEAD of a type spring in motion by projections of the displacement difference = a S value specific to the common value of S +x /density = the amount of volume of the spring:

as a basic log spiral in 3 curved formats the values of density are between  zero and 3

so that

S+3 = volume of the spring


.as a type of anti gravity

as well as warpability in a higher than light speed ZIPP as the 100 000 L.Y of a galaxy that can be interdispersed to the values of their implicative resultances = the values of the whole value relations of any random value

= to the spacetime of the basics of the densifications of their related to density as well as the implications of the whole spectrum being limited in its amount of IMMERSION IN A FUEL TYPE volume of force or as the BUOYANCY of the whole volume in which to be UNWOUND

is a basic reference on the data by which the referenced values and their definite layers are basically the problem of the whole values and their sequenced left / right hemispheres of pull on a galaxy by other galaxies








the uncertainty of the whole similarity by the responsive observations of the resultance = to the basics of the similarity by any sequence of values = x

as the 3x = any 3rd order alterations to a similar value

by the basics of the force that is in active value comparatives = any order alterations such as the accellerations ahead of a 4th order value

4x =4(as a LINKED FORCE)

this linked force has a basic error value = F+ F(nr)

= Nr x (a)

so that the values of their related exponentials are the same as the values in a density of seperateed vector sustainements as well as the solid state of a decimal comparative value in which the remaining data is the basis of opposed rotations in the spectral value sequences where the whole system can be degenerated to a full reference UNIVERSE = to each section of its SPRING VALUES:

because it is there




wind-up toy is a toy powered by a spring that is tightened by turning it. After release, the spring tries to get in its original, untightened position, and makes the small toy go as well.[1]


Wind-up toys date far back into history, into the 15th century. Karel Grod, a German inventor, created some of the first wind-up toys, including a metal fly and a mechanical eagle. Also, in 1509,Leonardo da Vinci created a wind-up lion as a greeting for Louis XII in Italy. Wind-up toys were at first for only royalty, and were much more elaborate, with a very complex system of gears and springs. René Descartes also created a life-sized wind-up human girl to prove a theory that all animals were very complex machines. However, as legend goes, the mechanical girl was thrown overboard after a man was frightened by it.[1]

After the much larger, elaborate wind-up machine art declined in interest, wind-up toys were created very cheaply and in very large numbers by the 1800s. Wind-up machines then became known as wind-up toys, and were designed in all different forms to move around.[1]

European toy makers created and mass produced the first tin windup toys during the late 1880s. Over the next 60 to 70 years, more manufacturers created ever more intricate designs. The trend stopped with the introduction of the small and inexpensive Alkaline battery in the 1960s which allowed motors to run without a wind up mechanism. Over the next 20 years, wind up toys lost popularity.

Plastic Wind-ups started in 1977 when the Japanese company Tomy made the classic walking Robot (Rascal Robot). Tomy’s ability to build small precision plastic gears and parts allowed them to greatly reduce the size of the gear box (housing the spring drive).

Z Windups by California Creations are now innovating more plastic windups for Tomy along with their own designs, creating plastic windups with amazing precision and engineering.


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