descriptives of space orbit


article by Henryk Szubinski



a fast accent is like leaving Earth with the spaceshuttle and ending up outside the fluid comfort of the Atmosphere

a descriptive given by Paul Brunton as the closest descriptive of being a astronaut:

I find myself outside the rim of world consciousness. The planet which has so far harboured me disappears. I am in the midst of an ocean of blazing light. The latter, I feel rather than think, is the primeval stuff out of which worlds are created, the first state of matter. It stretches away into untellable infinite space, incredibly alive.[3]

alter the colour to red and you have MArs type activity:the descriptive covers the section on vechicle accent as closest to the water and sub basis:

the basic motion of the exterior or on the surface = the quatal packets that exist everywhere in space as the types 1,2,3 sustainability of the action &/or reactions of the motion of everything on Earth by such relations of vectors outside Earth

The basics of the full values and their related to sectional halving = boosting by uncertainty as the levels and their basic motion sustained 3 S fluidity and the levels of the error values = +/- the definitions of the kinetic energy or foce active in the motivations of human intelligence and moovements by their related to value..

As a basic relations on vector y = the data on the G multiple as the q = the multiples of x

So that the  basis of a sustainability of bodies in motion are closest to the PROJECTED value

on exponantial values This is the basis of the higher value applications of x + 1




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