exo planetary : zone complexities


By Henryk Szubinski


.a question of Earth and its zone complexities of 1/2 rotations.


types 1,2,3 H2O technology meaning ,the full volume of human populations on a full limit of possible amounts of humans on Earth

as the basic divisives of the Work load of a rotating Earth and the derived possibilities as the limits of how much sourceing a section of the Earth can utilise for the full derived force of the parameters in any related to parameter at any amount of repeat usage..


.the limits of saturation of Earth = about 17 billion humans in the rate of 17 billion additionals defining the greatest divisive decisive level of human amounts as the basis of the universes close proximity age being 17 billion: even though the universe will age to about 15 billion years ,the additional 2 billion would be the amount of reversals for a planet with 34 billion humans as reversed to 32 billion as the response shock to look for when considering water buoyancy and its retractive boostings as well as the human buffer:

the angles represented in the theory of types 1,2,3 are the basics of H2O molecularity:




type 1 = the 1/2 circumference of 17 billion human population H2O (s)

type 2 = the multiple which will be or not be sustainable in the near future as 34 billion H2O (f)

type 3 = the age of the universe as arrived at early as the time limit for Earth population survivals H2O (p)


.as having to retract 2 billion on the H2O additions of Earts pre history as the H2O cause of human existance and the additional 2 billion for the evasives of a close brush with death: the value 4 billion will define the type 4 level:




all the types are based on the 1/2 circumferences and the responsive methods of the angles and amounts of curvature


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