twix generator


By Henryk Szubinski



for there to be a general theory of lift

the usage of a rotational section TWIX by a bend in the vector redirections of a volume type tube in rotation about the horizontal with the same generations of a TWIX in rotation about the vertical direction

For the basic fase in and out of the vector tubes to do the work necessary to flip sides and to pass through each other while in rotation is the basic requirement by the theory represented to do gravity lift and anti gravity lifting of any type spaceship or vechicle:




the equation starts at s angle sin + r 5……………..etc

then defines the vector uncertainty……………………etc

then defines the uncertainty of the Sine angle and the comparative degrees on both sides of the equation

and then takes into accoun the error of the theorem by

4.6 = RS

as the basics of the exponentials the value TWIXES will rotate outof and into each other by the spherical orientators defined as 1,2,3,4.

..adjustements of the sphericals adjoined to the TUBULAR BENDS OR TWIXES will work on the weight specifics of the spheres as a basic vector direction.




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