HYPERPSACE: what is a dimensional continuiim, new theory


By Henryk Szubinski

basis of 11 dimensional or 10 dimensional hyperspace as the universes and their end fase by black holes

as the wave form can be non symmetrical the values of black holes that stabilise black holes are used on a basis of cubic measurements of such internal multiples as stabilisation by the basic type of

uniform gravity wells with their smooth exponential value

the  derived values on what makes a universe a candidate for a black hole death is the 3 levels of universal interelations by the multiverse waveform that displaces through all universes and the basics of dark matter being the spot that stabilises the waveform simultance  of symmetrical motion with the multi verse waveform = hyperspace

Our planet Earth and the sun, the galaxy the milky way is in this little zone of unified stabilisations so that it can catch the current ,drift away or controll its moovements like a ship on the ochean waveforms

The greater the internal multiples of a value that maintains its similar values on the internals of the gravity SMOOTH WELLS

will basically make a ship catch the wave a bit faster due to its availability of the current displaceing in the same vector as a stable rudder for example

If dealing with the technology of water transports or spaceship displacements

The parameter is then similar and in symmetry with the basic hyperpsace wave and will continue its displacement vector by displaceing out of the cubic volume of its main problem , that the universe is now a black hole <the gravity needed to take the SURF way out on a surf  board and to catch the wave to the next black hole effecteed universe:


uncertainties are:

parallells between 6 spheres and 9 spheres in gravity compression

wave displacement universe = 15 f to -2,L.Y to -3,G to -4

waveform interactions sum:

3x3x2x g x waveform =18 g waveform


g wave=0.88

using the error

+/- 18 g waveform

the theory is 18 g squ / wave =0.88



this implies that the rotation of the Earth about the sun is not a circular orbit but a common wagging motion to the left and right of the dark matter points that define the left and right hemispheres of the Earth and the left and rioght hemispheres of the sun displaceing by a general wobble of a specific angle in which everything rotates at a higher level so that the Earth does rotate about the sun but at a lowerr level than that which opens the spacetime seperations of the bobble of one polar hemisphere as related to the polar hemisphere of the sun at a angle to its higher level of rotational spacetime continuiim on which it is suspended.

Meaning that the mutual rotation is visable as rotation but its level defines not the completion of a rotational value but a gradual increase of the relations of 1 orbital which will be shown Can be a WIRE EXAMPLE OF A SPIRAL THAt IS STRETCHED OUTWARDS AT ITS INNER POINT

This full format without any alterations of its form is what is being displaced into a orbit within the galaxy , the milky way.

.the photons will then displace along this vector

and all alterations such as the solar activity will be the motion of polarity in which theese orbital WIRES are rotated along the axis of their COMBINATIONS

It would be true then to say that the specific usage of bending such a wire would result in the complexity of any rotation about any other rotation

So that what is observed as interactive rotations is the basis of observations along the wire or the STRING..

as many Quantum mechanical proponents are suggesting

what makes the alterations of the photon side must be the regulations of photon flow along theese vectors by a start point and a end point what is known of from the early and late 19 th century as black holes and dark matter.





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