gravity and exponential seperation

gravity and exponential seperation

By Henryk Szubinski





does or will exponential growth at a specific value be higher or lower than the availability of the end value resource

Well the cardiac rythm is based on the growing uncertainty of old age

As yet it is not a alaterable reality

So that the exponentials at specific stages of their difference in terms of levels and where they could possibly relate to the LINK of high exp and Low exp = the basis of a amount of Force in lets say the ANDROMEDA GALAXY

where it is pretty definite that the amount of end resources would not be depleted Due to it being a closed system

But what IF the same resource in a non alterable state = exponential controll by the 3dimensionality of its REAL VALUE end resource = non depletion

and that this value = LINK to all other galaxies

Woudl there be a controllable force that defines any availability or measurement of real value = the resource in a non depletable state by the veectors that combine or seperate exponentials from each other on a daily basis out there amongst the galaxies..





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