flying car


by Henryk Szubinski




there are nano materials of very light weight that can be produced with thin sheets that will basically slide in and out of sheets with a space inside them  by a spring inside which will act on gravity and action reaction

This can be part of the body work of a vechicle at the points specified by the Newtonian action &/ or reactions to define the dynamics of the body of the vechicle as a multiple amount of such sheets: the basics of the light weight and a general motor for the vibrational occilations to drive all the springs in a concertive moovement or frequency of vibration and you have a vechicle in super ligt weight that will do all the flying…



basics of the volume inputs of nano sheets and the general values of retractions = 2 S error based values of the basic limitations of the law that defines the value multiples as parallells in the spring occilations by the basic law of pressure in a spring system so that the values to which the whole


occilations = a projective wavefront / S = Volume

by using the Pascal value for pressure and the  Volume 1 = the nano sheets by 3 x value interactions

Volume to 3 = 1 Pascal

inserting this value into a wave form with the same 1 value pressure the volume of this waveform must be root Volume

so that waveform 1 = solid and waveform 2 = fluid

or basic density and its buoyancy

the theory is

density to -2,buoyancy to -3

for the theory to be the loss of density

D = Buoyancy -S / waveform



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