flying car; the WORB

basics of the follow up on the redefinition of references by the basics of the nose being a deccellarative format for motion in which all values and their form = the data on specific symmetry on angles to the mid section as basic inputs of the responses to a stable body of left and right weight by motion of the WORBS

basically all the related to references have basic curvature redefinitions on the basics of similar angles all related to 5 x angle of 15 degrees to the MID SECTION

so that the angle error = 15 x 5

= 75 degrees

as well as the basics on the curvatures to make the thing look like a bone

the data on the amounts of curvature = 45 degrees in a sum value of 4 quadrances so that the 360 degrees of motion

75 degrees S / 360 on the responsives of angles in LIFT = 360 / 75 in response = 4.8 distributions by lift

= 0.2083 m to -2 ,  4.8 N to -3

the concept is to conserve force

so that the Newton values will be defined on a basic interaction of the WORB PADS

as the basics of the foothold of the WORBS as in its basic values of the degree seperations of a 4.8 Newton similarity with

4.8 degrees so that the 0.21 value is multiplied by 360 = 75 .6 % boosting by basic interactions on the rotatability of the seperations of turbines worth the 4.8 degrees





more adaptations on the theeme


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