universe restabilisations


By Henryk Szubinski

as the universe evolves

the branes form a brance cube

the cubic universe is the same as the branes that surround the universe in its brane state

the outlines of multi branes solves the problems of a black hole warped brance as well as dark matter of its non visable cubic relations on 1 area or warp continuiim

The cubic sides do some basic warping of all that is inside the cubic volume format

just like the sphere surface or outline needs a multiple vector multiple to define the outline by curvature of a very small vector bit = detail of sphericality

the brane will go through 1200 vectors to define its limited symmetry of detail where the accuracy of its outline is specific to the appearance of a cube by the spheres within it such as galaxies stars and planets..

so that the whole thing is unified

the usage of 3 S will define the same basis of a minimal amount of vector seperations to define the 3 surfaces on the cube in 3D foregrounds as are related to a basic displacement of the

accuracy of vectors in a sphere surface or outline

and the accuracy of the vectors in the outline of a cube

so that by interaction the value sum = 3 S or the basics of motion of all the vector components necessary to define the universe by whats inside it..



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