space dust : what is it and how can it be cleared for spaceships

the theory of partical dust avoidance in space travel

By Henryk Szubinski



Cosmic dust is a type of dust composed of particles in space which are a few molecules to 0.1 mm in size. Cosmic dust can be further distinguished by its astronomical location; for example: intergalactic dustinterstellar dust, interplanetary dust (such as in the zodiacal cloud) andcircumplanetary dust (such as in a planetary ring).

In our own Solar System, interplanetary dust causes the zodiacal light. Sources include comet dustasteroidal dust, dust from the Kuiper belt, and interstellar dust passing through our solar system.

The terminology has no specific application for describing materials found on the planet Earth, other than in the most general sense that all elementswith an atomic mass higher than hydrogen are believed to be formed in the core of stars via stellar nucleosynthesis and supernova nucleosynthesisevents. As such all elements that exist can be indiscriminately considered to be a form of “cosmic dust”.


File:Porous chondriteIDP.jpg

Porous chondrite interplanetary dust particle. Courtesy of E.K. Jessberger, Institut für Planetologie, Münster, Germany, and Don Brownlee, University of Washington, Seattle


basics of a stream of dust and displacemeent vectors representing space ship in motion as a specific value related to the deck of cards problem on the motion advance: where the basics of a new stak of cards in the projective frontal dimensions of a spaceship mooving through the types of density fields of particles dust or rock sized objects in the way:

Is defined on the basis of the type perforations in the surface of a plate which will be magnetically charged to cycle the flow of dust while the vechicle is in motion

So that the increased velocity of the spaceship = the increased funneling of the magnetic cycle of dust passing through the plate and its perforation resutant in a higher value type clearing of the volumes of spacedust ahead by the rapid increase of the funneling in greater amounts of dust avoidance relative to the speed of the spaceship mooving through a dust field in space..


.the basics of triangulations are made on velocity + magnetic ressonance of filtrations or funneling and the greater amount of dust cleared.




File:Smooth chondriteIDP.jpg

Smooth chondrite interplanetary dust particle. Courtesy of E.K. Jessberger, Institut für Planetologie, Münster, Germany, and on Brownlee, University of Washington, Seattle, under a cc-a-2.5 license.


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