H2O reference types


By Henryk Szubinski

video courtesy of Youtube

what is the basis of the distributions of real and multiple formats of the generations of STRINGS as their referenced usage on the basis of the level of atitude on a dolpins FINNS and the values in which the gereal data on how the values are redistributed into the levels of the alterations of Dolphin navigations as on the full volume comparatives of its body as relates to the side of the quadrance involved with the basics of a multiple H2O value

1) dolphin volume = H2O (s)

2) water environment as provider of the basic H2O ( f ) as a format of sustained energy or force as the minimal sustainement values for bio force

3) the basics of the data as defined on the torque of the H2O (g) or H2O (p) as the values where there is basic torsional surface adhesions of the bubble doing its own warping around its Circumference so that a basic positional reference is supplied to the point specific references ..

basically a curved value for all of the inclusives on 1 rotation as being seperated from the y axis values = 1

or the x axis values = 1

so that the basics of the full value implied data relations are a type of curvature in reverse through the streaming that displaces through the Cir by the point similar convergances of H2O flow ..Basically the whole system would be

= 4 seperated and linked Cirumferences of a Cir / 4

as regards a large radius value  x 4

where there is no relativity with the error value as the uncertainty of where the points are combined into a Force

F amount of force acting on the body of a dolphin and the force acting on the Circumference bubble =3F+F/3



r sum = 1 +1+1+1  =4r

so that the uncertainty of

2F = 4 r ( Cir)




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