types 1,2,3 technology H2O

type 1 ,2,3 technology

By Henryk Szubinski



Europeiska flaggan

4 freedooms

5th freedoom of knowledge moovement


the 7th framework Chordis7



on the way to solidifications usage of H2O in its 3 states

basics of the delays used in the phono definitions of the general rule to stay one step ahead of the basis in which the telemetry is indicative of the full usage of a tech definition

by some basic vectors in ,lets say 4 vector directions

1) uncertainty based S 4 = the value boostings as the responsive R maintained solidity of a signal as it solidifies into the general REALITY basis of its subsequent motion in 3 D so that 4 S will have a 3/4 R value = 3D

This will basically the full usage of a mobile type 1,2,3 web tech by its similarity of 3D solid REALITY based on its format in a volumetrical comparison being = to the volume of any number of such motion by SOLIDIFICATIONS as are in the 3/4 based formats so that

3/4 x (3/4 + x ) = force of any 1 R /2 R Volume

basis universal number interactions

error = 6/4 volume to its 3D basis as root values in cubic relations

uncertainty = +/- 6/4 D to -3, 0.5 F to -2

where the R =1 and R = 2

values will be inserted and its value computed

4.5 D=1/2 F

.on the basis of R 1 and R 2

R2D =R/2 F


4D = F

.where the R values of its 3D solidity is based on its displacement trough a warp field of the circuit solidifying as well as the tech solidification.



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