spacetime lensing: what is dark matter

what is a spacetime lens

By Henryk Szubinski

.as 1/2 of the basics on a photon = a vibration and a wave



the basics of a photon displacement

c———————————————————————————–>barrier lens and toppling by waveform of photon

<—————————————————————————–c–vibration  returns but the photon wave alters the vector of the


.lens basis of displacement through it

what results is the basic dark matter response:

———————————-dark matter———————–>c continues as a particle wave




,2c/Sf=waveform F 180 degrees




question: does matter interact on the quantum level with dialations of relativity on the Lens basis

Some general data on convex force fields

value 1)

form or volume

value 2)

volume specific values by LINK

value 3)

data and parameters of related definitions of parameters



basic alterations of the convexity by waveforms and  relative parameters

and its influence on time dialations as only resultant to a altered vector for photon vectors to reverse in the opposite vector directions back to where they originated from as a type problem of dark matter


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