flying car platform: how does a flying car work


primary approach to computations


by Henryk Szubinski




make a type of economical model of the forces and their values of interactions such as displacements

or universes as well as any volumes

and basically make a tally

to compute the error or uncertainty which is what is laid out



fase 2  is to design a basic form around the usage of volume for example as the prime motivations of using displacement involvancies etc

because the universe values cancell out and the existance of only 1 singularity is defined , the theory will represent the universe in a zero problem parameter, or basically where everything works out by the vechicularity = 1

fase 3

use the values to translate the 2 fase into a basic usage of units such as spheres and in such a order as will define the fase 1

facts sheet ..

By using this to define the uncertainty, the computations of the theory and its problem can be made clear



the basics of a force value =37 N to -2 is now known as its error = 21/15 N

in a radial vector alteration = root r

by the displacement of 10 spheres in approx

so that the theory is

for a universe interaction of 2 universes with no error=F 10

and the usage of a singularity=10

26.42 F =(root r ) 10 Vol




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