hitchikers guide to the galaxy: type 1,2,3 web phones



types 1,2,3 mobility of the web phone future

By Henryk Szubinski



because it is known that a specific amount of detail exists in the universe for any type of surface detail or texture types, the same basis of being at a parameter of a exo planet at any point in NOW time without the restrictions of time dialations to make the trip…The basis of any parameter must exist in the relations to its detail..As such any parameter can be a true definition of what is actually present in the universe: to travel by type 1,2,3 web phones will do this by combining specific representative exo planets that are the combinative basis of all of the variance of all types into a multiple exo planet format: meaning that all the specifics searched for will be represented by a type set SUPER EXO PLANET with all the details of all other systems based on a limitation of the search = locate: This then will be a possibility of interactionbs with alternate SUPER EXO PLANETS upto the point where REAL interactions are generated by the REALITY of actual reference to specific values of any known system of astrophysical laws at which point the computation reverses and the real time is plotted and made into computer graphics:



basics of the formats for the usage of the types of delay in the active resolutions of screen usage and the basics of the types of reversals into displacement vector solidity on angles to the basic incline as the values of their usage in the trace by retrace locational data interactions with any environment = to the main values of a spontaneity to the usage of projected values in any basis of the derived technology being in the reference to redefine the distributions pooints band their related to increases of values and parameters

as a basis uncertainty of 45 degrees / amount of S 3 =15 degrees to -2 , m-3

where any amount of S trakking is possible


IF youre going to find the last remaining documeted evidence of the full format and do it by using the remaining data guide book of the type shown in the HITCHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY





basically you use one book to section its page into 1000 parts while in motion

which will be sent via route to the second electronic book which will retrace the motion of electronic book 1 and where the data pieces were left as OUTSIDE THE  ELECTRONIC BOOK format

and use ELECTRONIC BOOK nr 3 TO use a 1000+x basis to retrace the data while in motion and to have a precise positionality function as the values of usage by a type 1,2,3 HITCHIKING on ELECTRONIC BOOK 2 to do it by usage of a type credit reversal while ELECTRONIC BOOK 3 is in motion by point credits of a reductional sequence of values based on how many RIDES BY ELECTRONIC BOOK 3 you make to reduce the distance between them


The basics of Galactic travel and interactions…

will basically combine known data maps and textures with any similar texture level by shadeing into a real environement based on the possibilities of it existing in places yet undiscovered but in full developements of detail by the amount of phone users and the similarities of aquired mapp BITS which are then combined into a RETRACE of a REAL parameter somewhere in the UNIVERSE




a self repporting manual trackks ahead while the sections from which its data was taken

uncertainty 15 degrees to 1 metre value as = the journal basis and the self repportive as basis 1 sued for the HITCHIKING track relations of a reference made to the galaxy ANDROMEDA for example







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