times law as certainty

the certainty of times law

By Henryk Szubinski





time beats to the heart of the heart that beats with time

but on the safe side

data from the basics of the redefinitions of the data and the LINKAGES to a ral dimension of time and space where the relative meaning of the values in vacuume technology at zero gravity has some basic value withdrawals of why a basis Programme that starts with the basics of the value by deformations = to the special spacial models of the turbine or turbulence tests that are accompanied by the levels of their specific deformations as are the values to which the whole value levels and their data specifics as being = 1 special event of the basics in the currents of force by flow so that the whole sectional values and their definitions by data on telemetry is left to the residuality of the basics of the whole format force BASIC definition…

The responsive ralleys for the usage of the data as such on the momentum of a objective in rotations and the spacial dynamics of the flow by reference to residual data

on the uncertainty of the vector = y

or h

where the amount of specific  volume inputs = angle 45 degrees so that the volume = a rectangle in approximations to a paralellogram with this value = 45 x 45 x 22.5

=44550 cubic values

on the basis that the height value is the same

l.b.h +  /h

=2025 Vol -3,m-2


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