light bending areas: what are the limits of photon curvature

LIMITATIVE AREAS and the spacetime problems of shared computations

By Henryk Szubinski



fast and slow exponential growwth for the limits of x and y values are not as thought a problem of the advancements of specific volume computations as altered by the priorities in y values or their x values:

The basics are shown following as the basic alterability of the shapes formed as in a symmetric similarity defined as the warping of H2O types 1,2,3

or basic adaptations of the rule for similarity in aquired computations as balenced between any 2 or more computations sequences.




a lim x = the approach to a infinite decimal as 1/ G

where G = Reynolds number

the basis of this work will define the amounts of lim x = a multiple of such decimals and also proove that the uncertainty of the resultance of the amount of lim x and the amount of strething made by triangulations have a faster angle of exponential growth as relates to the lim x = as a delayed responsive in much the same way as the x lim = the y lim in a preresponsive exp so that

x lim as post responsive exp / y lim as preresponsive exp = x post value /y prevalue

= A

on the diagrammatics of this type of interactions the post value of a x vector = the exp into a y vector value

as well as the interactions of a post value y vector = the exp into a x vector value

this then defines the x and the y at a specific very low decimal value of the x lim as x approaches y and the lim y = as y approaches x

as a basic definition , this is the basis for the higher value rsponsive due to one difference between the basics of the symmetry between the x axis and the y axis as the EUCLIDEAN coordinations system

and the basis of its usage to define the y advancements in values of exp lim x =y

as the basis of all the quadrances = 4 vectors in basic…If we return to the definitions of the area formed  A

the types of areas in relations to the quadrance used will still represent the 90 degree difference of the minimal angle = lim x as x approaches 1/ infinity

so that 1/90 in the x quad < 1/90 in the y quad by a minimal difference of time = exp F

0.022  as the sum would define the limit of 1/ infinity for the y x approach as the relative 1/ infinity for the x approach to a symmetrical A

or the basis of making the computations for where the A is positioned by the equatives of:

0.022 A =2 / infinity



.Basics of inequality were

stretching the exp curves as though they were stretchable matterial

defining the triangulations of exp groth by comparatives in one side or hemisphere

the symmmetry of a internal and external symmetry of stretchable exp curves




the uncertainty for this system is = 0.714 L.Y to -2, delta 2 % to -3


File:Vertex correction.svg


In quantum field theory, the probability of an event is computed by summing theprobability amplitude (a complex number) for all possible ways in which the event can occur, as in the Feynman diagram shown here; the probability equals the square of themodulus of the total amplitude.



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