dimensions :what are excursional exo planetary theories

excursive case nr 2


By Henryk Szubinski



on exo solar systems and planetary experiments with relativity on a seperations of dimensional astrophysics as relates to vector seperations in spacetime on a exo planet…

File:Planet sizes.svg






following is a lecture on dimensionality as related to 10 Dimensions:

basics of dawkins CLIMBING Mt IMPROBABLE

as the variance of types of gravity and the substructs needed for the basis of the height of a objective on a planet and the distance of its cognition as being displaced away from the main value of its length as follows:

L-h =cog S

as a basic theory of a elephant this would in its own perception account for the accuracy values of 11/6 metres

But would a parameter of spacetime be the same…even though it is zero gravity and the certainty of a super massive elephant being expandable on the same values in a zero gravity environement of its own cognitive sustainement might not be so,

But the gravity values are there for anyone wanting to know what a elephant is dreaming of:










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