space Mars : what is a excursive theory case

excursion case


By Henryk Szubinski

on the applications of multi involvements in excursions to parameters in spacetime with learning boosting



images from space case

listen to STANFORD and watch the images



what are the dimensional measurements of a theory such as Newtons equivalence principle on a planet like MARS

I have used the image facilitations and the stanford lecture as a multi environmental type of learning environement where the basics of the surface area on MARS as being there is a type of vector dislocation of the equivalence theory to define it in a new perspective where the basis is visually as well as observationally the same dependant on where you place a vector theory such as in 3Dimensional spacetime

This type of scouting ahead by using images of some place such as a exo planetary system and the definitions of lectures on any dimensional type of lecture will give boosted types of theories and in a greater type of excursional relations..




horizon discrepancies for the amount of curvature andd the 1/2 value S



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