dark drop coordinations: subject matter: what is dark matter

basics of DARK DROP relativity

basics of dark matter

Europeiska flaggan

4 freedooms

5th freedoom of knowledge moovement


the 7th framework Chordis7


By Henryk Szubinski




basic Japaneese law is that for any theoretically astrophysical event or value to be usable it must work by the same values as are their applications:



the basis of a definition of WORKS as onW = FS

the basics of S = the difference between the 1  quadrance and the 3 rd quadrance as well as the F = the combined values of a displacement difference of all 1 D gravity fallen states





where gravity is a 1Dimensional value the problems of defining its relative 1 dimensional effect as action &/or reaction on the same vector level as its fallen continuiim states is a problem of defining the gravity values by quadrances as the short way to define the problems in quadrance computations by them selves as they are resultance of 2 dimensional areas…the problem is a non area as well as a non coordinated locatability by any of the alternate quadrances.



  1. workshop
  2. works

basics of a quantafiable relativity of the basics in gravity as a innecffective or advancable applications on

quadrance 3

as the vector directions of events which do not have the gravity of

quadrance 2

to oppose the gravity effects of a continuiim in loss of parameters of its definition by a relative coordinate system such as the Euclidean types of effects and their involvements with the


effect fallen down the incline of a basic moniotr system ..

Basics imply that a similar event of gravity in sector

quadrance 1

would have similar problems on defining the work on the basis of the

upwards vector

as being incompatable with

quadrance 4

where the vector gravity is displaceing so that the basic interrelated events of the gravity displaceing in the same generally SHARED

vector value by a quadrance relativity in the loss of data computabilities as the


is in a similar

fallen state

vector without a

quadrance 1 level

of opposed data parameters for the loss of gravity opposed types

of 1,2,3 tangable opposition to define the gravity in reductions as it falls downwards…



the Andromeda sector

Basic usage of the problems of the types of surface relativity of the float usable applications for the basics in the general values of the quadrances being a point specific usage of the parameter and its orientatability by the usage of circumferencial zoneings which would go a long way to define the problems Hawkins is encountering with the basics of a black hole horizon , but the data is still being defined on the basis of the non tractional problems of the circumferencial planarity being warped into a waveform horizon with the basics of traction = the applications of using a grappler mechanism to define the parameter as being sustained in lift by the y value Force or its altered angle by 90 degrees into a x value sustained lift = opposed to gravity fallen states by the opposed vector values of gravity as a force.





  1. 作業場


the basis of the angular curvature of defining the DARK DROP in a axial compatability with the basics of making the Euclidean planarity be represented by the angle of projections onto a surface area defined by combining the 2D effects as they are diemsnionalised….the basic problems of the DARK DROP are still present due to the angle of curvature of the events in their gravity related states of similar values for the quadrance of the problem of gravity having no traction basis for the registrations of the point or position of the gravity related quadrances in their types 1,2,3,4





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