flying car example: subject matter:.what are dialations and real values



the problems of rectangular formats for anti gravity

as well as streamlining and controll

for flying cars

By Henryk Szubinski




whan a quant value is in motion without any invertive reversals of a problem concerning motion of a volume, as well as being without a differencial equatability in the full continuim defined by Einstein as a warp continuiim; the basics of even the usage of the root values poses some problems on the following

type 1,2,3,4 problems












.displacements of volume might have dialations values in their types as:



quantal dialation

inverted dialations

differencial dialations

root dialations,



.when most of the time spent for a photon is the state of conservations of energy , there are some basic values that a photon is using




such as displacement







When all of theese or some of them are uncomputable by the interactions of the photon value in a spacetime without any dialations from the.



quant dialations = S

inverted dialations = velocity

differencial dialations= luminoscity

roots dialations = waveform or vibration.


.theese types are definable by triangles areas of rectangles and their pressuree wave interactions on similar Areas ,and are the basics of displacement of a flying car for example…without any problems in mass or steer..

whan theese values are unengaged by their types of interaction by conservation, the conservational amount might be lower than the actual values of their forces or energies.



meaning in short that

quant dialations = S< conservations of force

inverted dialations = velocity< conservations of energy

differencial dialations= luminoscity<conservations of magnetic field

roots dialations = waveform or vibration.< conservations of gravity



this would result in dark matter parameters in the universe as well as cold matter parameters.




as a theory of

x+ wavelength = B number or G number values

.as well as

t+x =F



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