super planetary wobbles


By Henryk Szubinski

reductions of response as reductions of volume as pressure related alterations by force and force fields..

alpha centauri section; the is a general Wobble that can be deffined by the presence of a truncated or shortened cylindrical basis such as a stemmic link by a very large vulcanoe type 10 x greater in size than the OLYMPUS MONS vulcanoe on Mars which is causing a vortex similar to the red spot on Jupiter but to such extent that the planet Wobble has put the 2 stars into a orbital wobble.

the Earth system is most apt to the type space elevator which defines the stellar position of the sun as being on the lowest type of planet size by effects of wobble as basically very stable G type systems so that the

H2O basis = (s)

type 1 Technology



Apparent and True Orbits of Alpha Centauri. Motion is shown from the A component against the relative orbital motion of B component. The Apparent Orbit (thin ellipse) is the shape of the orbit as seen by the observer on Earth. The True Orbit is the shape of the orbit viewed perpendicular to the plane of the orbital motion. According to the radial velocity vs. time [8] the radial separation of A and B along the line of sight had reached a maximum in 2007 with B being behind A. Since the orbit is divided here into 100 points, each step refers to a timestep of approx. 0.8 years or 292 days.

File:AlphaCentauri AB Trajectory.gif


the Andromeda galaxy and its tilt could be caused by a superplanet 100 x larger than the planet found on Alpha Centauri so that the stellar effect is greater than alpha centauris planetary effect by the vulcanoe and is engageing a wobble with the galaxy the andromeda galaxy itself..



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