longer inclines of force in the universe: hyperspace 10 D


10 D hyperspace

By Henryk Szubinski

a vector certainty is one where the probability of a vector divergance will connect with a vector running at 90 degrees from its point of origin

The greater this y = S

is, the greater is the chance that a diverged vector will connect with it

As such all of the types of relativity with this type 1,2,3 divergance and connect can be done on the Circumference basis of a similar long vector value = x value horizon..in a universal relation as well

On the basis of a sense definition of the types of extra vector GUESS WORK a computer or a vechicle could displace through the universe as a type SCOUT on the vector seperations to define any encounter with a longer vector as such the universe B value rotates to some degree around the sense values of encounters……in any case the exemple of a force acting on longer inclines will define greater force

F> angle

on radius

>radius values








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