theory of everything: new discovery


By Henryk Szubinski

On cold matter and dark matter

the universe as a crunced together plane such as a sheet of paper

.data on the basic values of the  interactions of a engaged relativity of the basics of the universe singularities where they are present as the types of reference by values in motion as well as the static exemple of a crease having not displaced in the general vector inteeractions of creases,, as well as having the basic value references to which the full data on deformations of the universe continuiim will be shown to Work = F.S

as the types of interactive inclusions of similar creases that do not change while in compression but are proximal to each other in the context of a LINK to the spacetime in general by the reference positions used  = the edge 1/ edge 2 = angle of diagonal which will be the time line or the vector line where all compressive data is related to ..




the universe as it is in a basic sphere of the crunch link


File:AstroMSseqF 063aL (18135101).jpg

the parallellogram is used due to its higher rate of combinations on the diagonal to representa any common vector crease so that the crease can be defined by the relations of 2 edges on the flat surface and the observations of them on any position of the universal spacetime prior to cruncheing…

As the highest probability that any sides involved in the crunch will be similar due to the same vectors in compression, the types of rotations will define where force is acting as a turning moment..


uncertainty of tubular flattening for the universal surface area as a type multi surface clipp


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