ramjet theory: subject matter: on defining interactions of points

ramjet industries

By Henryk Szubinski



The Bussard ramjet is a theoretical method of spacecraft propulsion proposed in 1960 by the physicist Robert W. Bussard, popularized by Larry Niven in his Known Space series of books, and referred to by Carl Sagan in the television series and book Cosmos.

Bussard proposed a ramjet variant of a fusion rocket capable of fast interstellar spaceflight, using enormous electro-magnetic fields (ranging from kilometers to many thousands of kilometers in diameter) as a ram scoop to collect and compress hydrogen from the interstellar medium. High speed forces the reactive mass into a progressively constricted magnetic field, compressing it until thermonuclear fusion occurs. The magnetic field then directs the energy as rocket exhaust opposite to the intended direction of travel, thereby accelerating the vessel.





this theory does not use or incoorporate any usage of nuclear rockets for propulsion . It is a basic system of a type visual parameter inclusions  spaceship displacer:

which means in general that IF you can see the motivations of a point to displace to or away from it can be done betwween thoose 2 points

theese will act as geenerators using only the type 1 generator or 2 generators side by side or the 3 generator basic warp drive.



vector sums of

their directions by

a weight transferrance interaction

based on lengths,



and some differencial calculous on the

size of projectives






If data on the availability of a projective value A / S

where the S = the projective dimensionality

is basically defined as the usage of A = parameter in which the response of the point = A +1

So that the basics on the activity of its definition is :

S + A/S +1

the basic values of the reoccurance of a type 1,2,3 input point which will expand by quantality of A

1 point+2 expansion+3 quants = A

the basic interactive values must be:A/1

= A

so that the definition of increase or decrease will basically define the formulation as its cancelled values as the time paradox of a ramjet

S+A /time paradox

S= 1 time paradox.


THE Sr VALUES AND THEIR RESPONSIVE S VALUES will definee the rails in usage of any relations based on generators with a forwards approach size of the relations to a observer as the alterations of the diemsnions of all objects so that the basics are externalised from REAL MEASUREMENTS = the warrping by RAILS on the generators usable for rail amount x and  generatorsections = rail value amounts for boosting

the basic levels of the types of ventures into spacetime by the forwards projective point will define the total point value as its basic levels of alterability by x /y degrees =will define the interactions of this x value degree as altered by displacement of time into aprojective point response as the point size changes into larger point surfaces

Meaning in general that the values of the S vector response will reach a parameter or Cir of the first basis of point projective increase as does the vector back into the point fase alteration in mid levels of height of the radial projective main vector .

This will then be a problem of the higher point context of a STABILISED non alteration of the vector angle by the same values of the angle being defined by a radial value which will displace through the approach x = radius of the projective point and be interactive outside the fase spacetime of the new radius:

The parameter of a very small number can be computed and the basis of the 2 projective points at the base of the main projective point and at the highest or closest approachable point as the combinations by the stability of the 2 into a relativity where any point origin can be known by its parameter of tangible size for computations…

.the basic UNIVERSE at its smallest point references which can be used without atomic problems of size on a basic galactic planetary or star system level of interactive 2 value comparitives..

.upside down = right side up


Pre-seeded trajectory

Several of the obvious technical difficulties with the Bussard Ramjet can be overcome by prelaunching fuel along the spacecraft’s trajectory[citation needed] using something like a magnetic rail-gun.




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