warp drive concept


By Henryk Szubinski


Retrograde rotation

Most planets in our solar system, including Earth, spin in the same direction as they orbit the Sun. The exceptions are Venus and Uranus. Uranus rotates nearly on its side relative to its orbit. Current speculation is that Uranus started off with a typical prograde orientation and was knocked on its side by a large impact early in its history. Venus may be thought of as rotating slowly backwards (or being “upside down”). The dwarf planet Pluto (formerly considered a planet) is anomalous in this and other ways.


The speed of rotation is given by the angular frequency (rad/s) or frequency (turns/s, turns/min), or period (seconds, days, etc.). The time-rate of change of angular frequency is angular acceleration (rad/s²), This change is caused by torque. The ratio of the two (how heavy is it to start, stop, or otherwise change rotation) is given by the moment of inertia.

The angular velocity vector also describes the direction of the axis of rotation. Similarly the torque is a vector.

According to the right-hand rule, the direction away from the observer is associated with clockwise rotation and the direction towards the observer with counterclockwise rotation, like a screw.



..rotation times are so long that to rotate to a responsive alternate side and maintaining a positional referrence on Earth as to where the basic events occured in spacetime such as the pulsar events or neutrino stars

The basic loss of positionality as recorded for the usage to retrace the causative mechanics to the positionings of everything in relation to ever increasing size through the star systems into the galaxies and onwards to the universe as such has to be defined prior to its end so that the functions contain quantal values that can be located in spacetime at this moment.

Because the universe can be astrophysically computed it means that the end of the universe will not occur simultaneously with a computation

It will however end at a time long from now , about 7 billion years

but not due to the problems of life sustainment, the events that are biological will have indicated their basic cause and effect and as such their place in the universe in a history of force that could be exactly measured in any parameter in the universe

.as such why it did not fail by theoretical astrophysics is a answer..


If a event is in displacement delay by a problem this device will work like a signal definition on where the problem is and the work upto the point where the sequence is  made into a short descriptive of the problem.





The basis of usage is defined by the vector user in relations to a problem sequence where the data is relayed on a common comparative of effector and delay functions

effector will define the sequence of the problem

the delay function is the problem being evaluated for the response on what the problem is

subsequent sequences of their incoorporated values are presented as the sequence where the rerun can be made as a product for the locator of the problem so that he or she can rerun it and loacte the problem as relates to the functiooning of the cognition in that the cognition needs a basis of assitance on having to loacte and define the problem by a search:

This sequence product will do all of the above, as well as remain as a functional part of the definitions of how to manage a problem..

Basically theese constructs are types of surfaces or closely related forms in 3 dimensions so that the usage on the basis of the problems in need of elaborations as a spacecraft displaces through a asteroid field or encounters problems with higher than light speed displacement…

Using the concept of WARP will basically define where and HOW theese problems can become shortened..


theese can be arranged in a circular fashion giving the sides a mobility through a circular shute around a spaceship so that when the side pannel rotates it will basically do a rotation to displace around to the alternate side..








uncertainty =




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