atmospherical flying cars

here is a concept on flying a car

by turbulence

By Henryk Szubinski




basic dimensionality of the values of veectors and their specific levels of multiple interactions make the formats of the wind tunnel tests = the values by which the general basis of the flux point as holes on the air in which the current dynamics flows through by the interactions of the whole data stream regsitrations as the format of the dynamics taking in  more than just the basics of the oxygenised molecules and their mix.





. The data on the possibilities off the forward vector directions of the pressure being in the basic generative type of environments where the basis of flow = the funnel effect and the basis of the truncated air flow as representing the dynamics of the full forwards LIPP on a conal section as well as the follow up on the data of dynamics where this lipp is LINKED to a similar conal section

Meaning in basic that the interactions of the values that are responsive to the values of the types of designs of flying cars could use the turbulence effect in a mini generator to do the lift and controll

File:BladeRunner Spinner.jpg




while the wire rotates at any desirable waveform

as well as the charge on the wire as magnetically positive

the  induced currents and their internal conal vortexes can also be controlled by the types of generated magnetic fields inside the conally truncated sections




3 layered variance of the basis in multiple interactions of the responsive increse



This allows the experimenter to estimate the ranges of response variable values that the ….and as the magnitude of the non-null effects increase, there is an …. The advantage of this design is that multiple variables can be tested at the …. “A note on the rank transform forinteractions“. Biometrika 78 (3): 


With this model, the response variable is continuous in nature, ….. and as the magnitude of the non-null effects increase, there is an increase in Type I error, ….. “A note on the rank transform for interactions“. Biometrika 78 (3): 697–701. …. It uses material from theWikipedia article Analysis of variance


5 Nov 2008  A ‘Finite Impulse Response‘ (FIR) temporal basis set in SPM,  It is also proportional to the variance of the signal (see later Maths section ).  Though we only use half as many stimuli as in Fig 3, this is a more efficient design ….. This will increase the efficiency for detecting the common 


23 Jul 2010  When such a function defines the mean response in a regression model with…. Sparse Gaussian process classification with multiple classes. ….. This subset is called the Basis Vector, or BV set and the ….. All these techniques further increase the applicability of GPs to real complex data sets. 


response time for multiple simultaneous HTTP transactions and improve application layeruse of TCP by reducing the  increase the utility HTTP derives from a single connection. ….been received from the transport layer; (3) a minimum number …. variance, attributed to the fact that a time was chosen when 


3 Apr 2008  If the universe is observed from multiple (foundationally 2) 4D particulate ….. I had a response all set up, minimized it to check a couple of things- and lost it!  of a slight overall increase in thermal entropy within the system.  Causal interactions mediated by photons can be delayed by 


Analysis of variance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  to the subjects of the experiment to see if the response variable values change. …. the magnitude of the non-null effects increase, there is an increase in Type I error, ….. A note on the rank transform forinteractions. Biometrika,78(3), 697-701. 



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