Human interface: subject ,matter: on interactions with the andromeda galaxy

human interface


By Henryk Szubinski

integrations of the large scale and the small scale by

green screens and their blue screen counterparts



You do not have to be in the Andromeda galaxy by displaceing there, you can basically front the image of a human and transpose it on the image of the Andromeda galaxy

The size differences do not matter

By computated relations the amount of Andromedas on a human screen interface with a human = about 10 000 andromeda galaxies

The subsequent usage of the concept IS THERE RIGHT NOW = to the basics of transposability of the stars as they are interacted by a angle of a star in the andromeda and the human interaction by a moovement in the same direction

The human basically constructs the artificial environement as it might be on any parameter in the Andromeda galaxy by basic LEAD values on angles and their related multiples in FORCE vectors and the types of Impulses there are to accessance of a angle radial or any angular moementum as well as using a basic 1 F value to combine the images and their generated interactive enviroenmeents by a common value = the human using the interface on F1 andromedan = F2 human

green screens have been around sincee Arnold Swarzenegger first used it in a scene from one of his movies in a scene with a Harriet jump jet…a very complex manouvre because they couldnt fit it in the room.


The andromedan is not known so it will represent the image falcity and its devlopments..



How this can develop is defined followingly:

the SHRINK problems of the basics in which the data on the values of their responsive value verifications as restricted to the vault data on the basis of the multiple fine grain pixel levels and their functionings to extract or elaborate the values of their referenced values in a continuiim of usage where the basis of the data on prolongations of the displacement from one galaxy to a alternate galaxy could be as real as the basis of the screen and its  related to interactions by a human sized interface relativity wheere the basics of Andromeda particlises the basics of the particle integrations of the Andromeda as it is : into the projectives of a human body relations by a type of computer interactions where each point is specific to a value of compressed space and this is run on the same level of comparisons made with a human point interface which will integrate and reintegrate beyond dissintegrations of the human image and the Andromeda image by the basis of force in rotation of the Andromeda and the subsequent particle orientations when the whole force field relations are set into action..

basically the useer interface needs a generative surface area = 1 as the green screen and the

user interface for the andromeda as any point in relations to the green screen = blue screen so that both

1 green A/ 2 blue screen A= F1/F2

or a basic point reference of any point in the Andromeda galaxy that can be stabilsed or trakked as the type of value in progress to define the high related to values of the dimensionality and its interface wear  for usage to define the basics of the whole spacetime.


.blue screens were prior to green ones, they were basically intergratable into the background without much luminous problems of where the matte paintings went so that the outline could be seen = l.b

= A


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