problems of the absolute zero temperature

some of the problems of the absolute

By Henryk Szubinski

on the problems of looking too hard when the vector of observation is the wrong use of a telescope pointed downwards not up


.are the problems of the wilderness the same today as they have been throughout history or are things unalterable in relations to time and the functional values of the living on the land yesterday as is today

.or are they a udial or a visual relativity that will always pose more uncertainty by the DOING IT ALONE value




how do you record absolute spacetime and play it back

Well you would have to wear interactive googles and look at the Earth youre standing on


some cases of humans that are totally alone have been recorded : their coupling is usually when a forrest hiker meets a adventurer stuck in a forrest for 20 years, they meet and one of them decides to stay the extra 20 years, they have a kid and everything works out untill the parents tell the kid their story of the great world out there. The kid packs his bags and heads back hoe He ralleys a team of scientists to go back and locate his parents because he beleives them to need help…The team finds the parents and they do not want to return home So a team of specialist doctors and Psychiatrists is deployed to find the secret of a natural life: the parents reply that theyve only eaten meat and the psychologists respond that they are in need of help..

advice against common sense




A argument ensues ,the parents fight back with a rifle that is their only method of survival and the parent exclaims : Well i would not fire because i dont have that much fire wood

this is meant for food and not animals.

would they

a) make up their minds to go along

b) use the opportunity to buy stuff in the town grocery store

c)decide that the show was up and go home after 40 years of natural solitude

d) break up their relationship because the man was looking suspiciously at the woman camera operator..




Why well because for the old man to travel to a town and buy more bullets would be worth more than getting lunch on a cold afternoon in winter

Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death.   Rousseau, Jean Jacques

This quote is tagged Silence · Search on Google Books to find all references and sources for this quotation.




Can you record absolute silence and play it back?

Can you record silence. And play it back through headphones so that you cant hear anything at all?

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