pre work on dark matter


By Henryk Szubinski

the basics of the full usage of vectors = S in which the values of their spread by radial interactions on the top view

= to the spacial variance of a type thermometrical registrations of the zones in which the full values of the radial symmetry in a blocked state can have a responsive fall vector on the hypotenuse as regards the adjacency of the height of the angle of dark matter fallen states in a specific amount of dark matter gradations by the types of M type dark giants or dark dwarfs  in their basic multiples..

this theory based on a mega vulcan will show the parts of 3 types of photons and their related to bending into such a parameter as the sphere from which it was emmited from a galactic CITY and was not emmited strongly enough for the photon bending to displace it all the way around this super massive sphere, instead the trajectories of the gedree and their trigonometry show that the shadow effect is based on surrounding galactic systems and their influence on the boosting of a photon path around this super sphere. In which the trigonometry will define the mapping by the

adjacency of the c path / 3 = the basic amounts of decrease of the photon vector in star light paths  root dark value x +1

So that this is on the very large scale a type of accellerator that will boost the photon in 3 vectors that seperate out from the city of GALAXIES and back again in a trigonometrical boost value = a 3 F


The returning photon beams are then part of the basic multiples that result from the gravity of spacetime > city of Galaxies and their GLARE effect as the resimulations to define the SIMILAR TRIANGLES will result in a deeper dimensional scape where greater velocity photons are emitted and re absorbed into the spacetime on the SUPER SPHERE.


The values and their responsive degree angles as well as the basis of the alterations of the full zone and the values in which the posibility of the whole range sections being in a divisive of the sides of similar triangles by the length of one side being =1 singularity while the alternate sides = to the additions of a black hole opposite , its basic type plugg and the equality of its gravity as being minimally different than the luminoscity of the plugg value , a difference of 1 Newton x value..

The concept of a super vulcan galaxy with 7 of the known galaxies of a type of solar orbital inclusions zone where galaxies are similar to planets will show how the remaining very large shadow zone is used to define the inclusive zone of the internal problems of a very close or inner galactic relation to the super sized gravity spacetime PLANE in a lifted positional type super GALACTIC FORCE FIELD with the dark matter ring being a feature on its surface..


basic inflations type on the surrface of a expanding sphere, but  with one small difference, the photon singularity at one of the 60 degree angles will emit a photon while being on the alternate side of the hemisphere known of as the universe and will function like a tugg that will drag the triangle ahead or in reverse..could the photin become aggressive like a agressive particle and turn back and attack the sphere resulting in a punctured univere:



had there been many such expanding levels they would be punctured one by one untill the internal volume of the universe had been at its first state in which the triangle was defined as displaceing forwards  in time

and then back again by the sectional stageings of its puncured trace vector force

-compacted by the matter left over from the punctuations and been a fase matterial which would permit the displacement of more puncture particles to displace through it giving the resultance of a growing amonut of axial particles which would be perforated at the basic angles similar to a reorientation of the basic triangle on its surface as started out with making up most of this dark matter as a type of FOAM in the agressive particle fase which wpuld be similar and yet different in the types of triangle motion as the photon TUGG displaces like a animated sequence  and is the vector directions through which the agressive particles displace through…



,the conserved vectors would be collected in a type reverse and forwards type inflation /deflation =state 3 or type 1,2,3

triangulatives of its own vector process as a  amount of vector punctuators, their agressive particles and the sectioned vectors or strings that made up the 3 sides of the basic isoceleese triangle.






the Urbain Le Verrier who discovered Neptune counted out that the sun and the other 7 known planets were not enough to displace Mercurys orbit or Periphelion . At a time when Newtons gravity laws were seen as strange most of the astrophysicists rellied on the existance of a unknbown planet known of as Vulcan which by theory needed to be very much larger than the orbitof Mercury…This was not solved until a German born researcher known of as Albert Einstein defined it by making a new theory of gravitation

the same super sphere with the orbitality about a point in 3 vectors resultant to the isocelees particles and their macho type reisocelees particles which will rotate and gain mass by their 60 degree vergances and impulse to displace the whole supeer sphere by the variance of mass and the basics of its isocelees shift in a minimal degree value from a input of all particles being captured in the super sphere following the basics of the big bang theese multiple isocellesean triangle paths are copies of the photon paths with the greatest vector certainty in 1 direction so that the intersections = a isocelees triangle within the greater triangulation of the universe..



As such the probbining the 2 into a hypotenuse of the sum of the

plugg black hole + singularity= 1 /x + hypotenuse


just like a city at night and the outer regions of it: there are places that get even darker. some say that to wander into the regions of the mountain scapes behind the great lights of our time, is to venture beyond the shadows as they are cast by the mountanous regions and to choose sides, one or the other, though both seem as foreboding…

There are tales everywhere of this phenomenon, basically its cooler the closer to the cause and generally a bit lighter as you wander outof the cool air and back into the areas that are common to the street or the street lamps

This sounds like a unusual  type o of relation of the shadow play between variance of its degree but COLD MATTER and DARK MATTER are just such places out there in deep space beyond the mountains of the great Cupier belt, the megallenic clouds and the galaxies with aheavy enough cover of matter solidity,, passing through theese great giants of universal form  the substace of shadows becomes for a moment the stuff of dreams or their opposite , night mares,

But settle down and think for a moment, Its not such a difficult relation to consider as the concept of a cooler spacetime and a denser spacetime seperated by the vectors of great photon events in great bursting pulsar seas and their subdued relativity to th distances that seperate them from the general glare of the immense distances that capture most of the direct  photonic effects of the dimminishment of the basic effect and fallen on the background of a field of radiation that has found sollice in a zone where there is basic calm but also the relations to another type of activity, mainly that the spacetime here in the dark is a greater zone than as yet imagined by the aftermaths of Einstein or the dream of Hawkins,

that the spacetime could be even greater here amongst the outer regions where to trace the path of a darm matter plane or dimension could take you far away into the interactive realms of the objective search for a direction as such a basic locatability and the parameters are basically computed as a triangle in simple trigonometry namely the SIMILAR TRIANGLES theory..


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