Quantum mechanical andromeda galaxy

what i did here is to refer the problems of quantum consciousness to the related subject of the andromeda galaxy by a advancement in the scopic usage of a type astrophysics programme with some basic divisions of the matter related theme to the geometry used.

as the existance of the general amount of galaxies that are

/// 3 parallells in angle of force inclination by the same types of  /// 3 F values on the basics of seperation so that the whole sequence of events is a basic level of the data on the fase STARTS of their related to y values and x values in the z axial field of a basic SEARCH expansion to combine parallells:

.a basic WIGGLE on the amount of z value compensations in basic +/- 1 degree which recognises similarities by their opposed swing moments:



pre work concept by Henryk Szubinski


The 3-fold Way and Consciousness Studies

K. Korotkov, A. Levichev


Part I. Biological fields and Quantum Mechanical representations

I.1. Conventional Quantum Mechanical representations.

I.2. Chronometric development of QM and the DLF-perspective.

I.3. Fields of biological subjects.

Part II. Penrose-Hameroff approach to quantum mechanics as the

foundation for a theory of consciousness

II.1. Discussion of some quantum-mechanical topics involved

II.2. Quantum coherence, quantum computation, and where to seek the

physical basis of mind

II.3. The Penrose-Hameroff Orchestrated Objective Reduction model

II.4. DLF-approach implanted into Penrose-Hameroff model

Part III. Segal�s Chronometry and its LF-development

III.1. Segal�s Chronometric Theory: a brief overview.

III.2. Space-times L, F are on equal footing with D; the list is now


III.3. Can the New Science be based on the DLF-triad?

Part IV. Emergence of New Science and the GDV Bioelectrography

IV.1. The three worlds have been known to humanity since ancient


IV.2. Is Direct Vision an example of L-phenomenon?


on equal footing, essentially, with the spacetime D (as if the three worlds form a single object; hence, the 3fold way). Are there mathematical grounds to 



(1) x2 + y2 + z2 = C2t2

The expression in the left side is the distance squared between (0,0,0) and (x, y, z).

Mathematically, C is a positive constant independent of an observer. It is interpreted

as the speed of light. The equation (1) determines a surface which is called a light

cone (with vertex O).

Recall that the classical mechanics is based on the Newtonian world.

Return now to the space-time M. Clearly, an arbitrary event may be chosen as O.

In other words, there is not just one cone. Rather, there is a light cone with vertex at

each event. Such a cone is obtained from the cone (1) via translation (by a suitable

four-dimensional vector). This system of cones is of fundamental importance,

geometrically. It is known how to deduce special relativity in terms of that system

(and in terms of transformations which preserve that system of cones), see [AO-53]

or [GL-84].

The publication [Le-03] is not easily understood since it uses an up-to-date

geometrical apparatus of modern theoretical physics. Formally, [Le-03] contains six

theorems. It is possible, however, to present its main content more briefly (with a

minor mathematical rigor sacrifice). To do so, let us notice that the totality of all (the

above introduced) parallel translations forms a �group of transformations�. This

group can be identified with the world M, itself.

QUESTION: are there OTHER transformation groups which preserve the same

system of light cones?

ANSWER: YES, there are exactly three more – D, L, F.

Remark (for a reader with the knowledge of Lie algebras). The respective Lie

algebras are u(2), osc, u(1,1) (in that order). The Minkowski world M corresponds to

the simplest (= abelian) Lie algebra. Clearly, we speak of four-dimensional Lie

algebras (there are infinitely many of those).




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