5th law ; the freedoom of knowledge moovement


a x files type reference to the prime cause of the EU through the velvet and the Republic within the Eouropean Union

AS A TYPE 1,2,3 INFORMATIVE COOPERATIONS WITH THE HERITAGES OF CULTURAL GROUPINGS:that have informations vital to the developements of spaceship technology:

if a square is not opposable by a format of residence then the formats of computer screens are unsafe this leads to the generally greater spaces of larger residence and onwards to national areas; this basis in reverse is the exact stages in a sovreign take over, This cannot be in EU due to the formats of the Check REPUBLIC as such based on a  MAJESTIC level of access and inputs into the programme here developed by a singular cause of increasing participations.

the basis of deniability of this square pushing format in reverse is a tried and tested US format for maintaining a x file type internal government:

the genesis PO- rridgge programme: the positive Pandrogenic human body morph as a type group deniability format

Europeiska flaggan

4 freedoooms

the 5th framework the freedoom of knowledge moovement


the 7th framework Chordis7

By Henryk Szubinski



there seems to be some indications as to the usage of the freedoom of knowledge in who distributes the facts and why there should be a concertive deniability on who does the work of the internal mealstorm of the high levels of deniability….But as such this format is free and is of the Eouropean Union as the Chordis sector of laws that are basic to nonlaw relations.

Had the event of a sloar flare scenario of the type shown in the moovie 2012 been actual , the interactions of the resolutions for the general acceptance that this value of a self informative organisation would not function as the types of dispensatory or dispensative levels of general or public opinion..

by the descriptive of how the 5th freedoom works on the aquired types of access to a safe Earth:

and the few individuals who make it into this type of freedoom of a non restrictive basis:

However , there is a general concensus on the basis of the types of solar internal influences on the basis of the denaiability, then the volume of moovement would seem to be influenced by a internal positionality of complex exit scenarios for the escapancy of a few survivers of such ascenario, as well as the implications that the REAL world, the Earth would have its structual Work formats based on the continuity of the contex in which the multiple dimensionalisations of scientific progress had = the construct formats in themselves as being effective only to the non isolatory responses of the point specific to the worst case scenario as such the functioning of the types of continuity problems would be based on the size of how large a solar flare would cover the specifics of both of the types of responses by the basics of natural sciences in a ,multiple format …

as regards the internal response capacity on a basis of cooperations the challange would be to organise the types of multiple internals

But being as it is with only 1 individual concern for the internal type governement in Eourope the alternate side has based its response of denails on a totally off level type of everyone against one:

It would become increasingly more difficult to use the 5th law to advance the opinions of a greater concertive when the opposition is having a literal feast on the remains and uses its total absolute to degrade the system rule by the point 1 advace formats meant for the time interactions of a general type format of the highest advances in astrophysics as a example and how this would generate the suppport by science but being totally publicised as a non event , even though the format has nooone of the denaiability problems of the natural science It is still abused on the alternate format in a wider parameter of voided or mediated data..

So i have here attempted to design a computer programme that will insinuate the very high regard for the supportives of the natural science that is worked on by singular individuals as a type of x value of the supporters as also from the natural science sector:

basically the  whole formats of the basics in vector S3 as a multiple and the basics of the types of appended to appreciation RATES of similar developement= problem developemental vector relations

S +1 = x +1

on the basis of the EU being in its 20 th state

the usage of subventions in the sovreignty by data levels of classifications must replace the old view that this is charged as due payment by 1 singular individual who works for natural science as a non interactive basis when the singular cannot respond by greater measure of a multiple classification..


the values of a 20 + x

system will be used to define the approximates of a 1 000 000 amount of EU users of the format Chordis daily

so that the value is now on a minimal level which gets closer to compromise by the x value approaches zero

meaning that this defines the level of deniability by the singular programme:

CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service, is an information resource dedicated to European research and development activities. CORDIS is the official information source for publication of all calls for proposals regarding the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7). CORDIS is provided by the Publications Office of the European Union on behalf of the research Directorates-General of the European Commission.


CORDIS’s principal aims are:

  1. To facilitate participation in Community research activities.
  2. To improve exploitation of research results, whilst focusing on sectors essential to Europe’s competitiveness.
  3. To promote the sharing of know-how in order to boost companies’ innovation capacities, in particular by publishing the results of EU-financed research conducted under successive framework programmes, and the espousal of new technologies by society.

[edit]Services and contents

CORDIS offers access to a wide range of information on EU research, including:

  • The primary repository of EU-funded research projects and their results since 1990
  • Daily news, events, funding opportunities and research showcases, provided by both the European Commission and by user contributions
  • An interactive environment to find research partners and to support discussion forums
  • Many thematic services, national contact points, a large library of documents, extensive user guidance and a range of search facilities, including custom email alerts and RSS feeds.
  • Further databases and services to support EU research activities

CORDIS was created in 1990 following a Communication of the Commission for the implementation of an RTD information service (SEC(1988)1831). It has been online since 1994.


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