worm hole multiples


By Henryk Szubinski

PROBLEM: how would the Andromeda galaxy displace through spacetime  while displaceing through its own warp field orr worm hole

basics of the progressional reductions of the space time of the levels of their multiple stability formats wherever in any directions the basis of the motion in multiple fase advancements are made by the displacement of a super stable universe and the worm holes within them so that a worm hole can be quantatively definable as the hoola hoop act in which the basis of observations are as basic as the formatting of the levels in which the super dynamics of any scenario can be defined as on the basis of the general construct previous to > Universal amounts of stability as the motion by a very high displacability

Defined as the super multiple this will interact on any level to define the similarities of theoretical astrophysics work in a basic format:

Observing the hoola hoop you get the impression that the worm hole is not really there , it is only a hoop inwhich stands a performer, as so much  of the visual field is present the definitions of any hidden dimensions with a special relativity are seen as basic to the rotations of the general models in their real spacetime

As a type of fase in and out of the motion accellerations however a value of data and its special relations to the whole values of effects and their recognitive interactions of a artificial type of compounder which could easily search for real special events in basic observable spacetime..

This theory goes to some lengths to define why the whole relational levels of the granual theory of their redefinability by the values > or in excess of the whole special realm of data as a obliquity of the main values and the progressions of the full levels of data on the symmetrical hemisphere of the motion of data as the referenced special formats.


basic loop holes in the responsive parameters of the weight by stability values as the rate of a objects spin becomes opposed by the resistance that defines the object as being in fase off with the basics of the boosted reality in which the basics of the opposed vector values =S

are redefined on the uside down law where they are basically = universal size as well as being in their related states



basically the theory defines that had Worm holes existeed a hoola hooper could warp through a worm hole and never again be seeen

So that the theory for forces as they are defines the probability of Moores law

“that if something goes wrong it will ” as based on the opposite side of the theory of EVENTS AS THEY ARE:



1) displacement = a state of stillness or resistance

2) universe as a super displacement= activated only by its total value 1 + Universal size as the velocity of a object

3) the response back into relations with of displacement + universe velocity as beased on the relativity with level 1 as continuiim resistance..

.this will halve the theory but it will also interact with motion to  a basic level of stopping and boosting

.as hoola hoops



1)S 000000000000000000000=00000000000000000001

2)universe 1+x+x+x+——————————>S+S+S+S+S+S+S+S+S+S+S+

3)+S=S00000000/UNIVERSE 1+x

as a basic differencial set equation

amount of 1 differencial will suffice



S>S+10S/universe 1+x10 =0.000000001 —->D1

12S /G+10 =0.00000001 x

.comparative with Moores law is as follows:

the size relations are inverted so that

Gx =interactive value displacement /a very small number



hula hoop is a toy hoop that is twirled around the waist, limbs or neck. Although the exact origins of hula hoops are unknown, children and adults around the world have played with hoops, twirling, rolling and throwing them throughout history. Hula hoops for children generally measure approximately 28 inches in diameter, and those for adults around 40 inches. Traditional materials for hoops include willow, rattan (a flexible and strong vine), grapevines and stiff grasses. Today, they are usually made of plastic tubing.[1]

File:Folsom Hula Hoop.jpg

Grapevine is the name of a dance figure, which may look different in various ballroomclub, and folk dances, but shares a common appearance: it includes side steps and steps across the support foot.



The most basic endless grapevine sequence of steps may look as follows:

  • Side step,
  • Step across in front of the support foot,
  • Side step,
  • Step behind the support foot.

The sequence is then repeated.

The whole movement is in the same sidewise direction. The sequence may start from any of the four listed steps and may break at any place wherever it is convenient to move into another dance figure, e.g., into a grapevine in the opposite direction.




Troy Kinney (1914) described the Grape-Vine as part of One-Step as follows: [1]

The grape-vine is an alternation of second and fourth positions of the feet ; one foot travelling sidewise on a straight line, the other foot going from anterior to posterior fourth position, and vice versa. The step travels to the woman’s right (the man’s left), without turning. The man’s steps are the converse of the woman’s, he starting with his left foot. The step is executed in closed position of the couple, and is usually performed several times in succession. The arrival of the feet in fourth position is usually punctuated with a slight dip.


In physics and fiction, a wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that would be, fundamentally, a “shortcut” through spacetime. For a simple visual explanation of a wormhole, consider spacetime visualized as a two-dimensional (2D) surface (see illustration, right). If this surface is folded along a third dimension, it allows one to picture a wormhole “bridge”. (Please note, though, that this image is merely a visualization displayed to convey an essentially unvisualisable structure existing in 4 or more dimensions. The parts of the wormhole could be higher-dimensional analogues for the parts of the curved 2D surface; for example, instead of mouths which are circular holes in a 2D plane, a real wormhole’s mouths could be spheres in 3D space.) A wormhole is, in theory, much like a tunnel with two ends each in separate points in spacetime.



The step is used, e.g., in FoxtrotPolkaElectric Slide and Hustle.

In some dances (e.g., Polka, Hustle, Electric Slide) it is an eight count figure, often split into two, mirroring each other and called “Grapevine to the right” and “Grapevine to the left”.

  1. Step right
  2. Step left foot to the right, crossing in front of right foot
  3. Step right
  4. Tap left against right
  5. Step left
  6. Step right foot to the left, crossing in front of the left foot
  7. Step left
  8. Tap right against left
  9. .
  10. .



.basics of hyperspace with 15 hoola hoops =

100000000000000000 Light years

or the basic lim x = universe size in a multiple response value

this can use the types of equations for galactic hoola hooping

12S /G+10 =0.00000001 x

as motion of 12 planetary spheres to the right and then the + 10 spheres and its response back into the left side of the equatives with the illustration shown below.

.0-00000001 x=





.this defines the volume dynamics of the internals of the hoola hoop



this will define the positionality of the pre or post position of the Earth in relations to the basic displacement section and the displacement a section example as Earth would do in a decimal value defined




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