FILM :mediations problems from 1700 to 1900

the mediations problem

By Henryk Szubinski

advisory p.g.r (parental guidance recommended )

; may contain some offensive language:

Surround sound encompasses a range of techniques for enriching the sound reproduction quality of an audio source with audio channels reproduced via additional, discrete speakers. Surround sound is characterized by a listener location or sweet spot where the audio effects work best, and presents a fixed or forward perspective of the sound field to the listener at this location. There are other non surround based formats. The three-dimensional (3D) sphere of human hearing can be virtually achieved with audio channels that surround the listener. To that end, the multichannel surround sound application encircles the audience with surround channels (left-surround, right-surround, back-surround), as opposed to “screen channels” (center, [front] left, and [front] right), i.e. ca. 360° horizontal plane (2D).

when there is a disscusion on Philosophy there is a basic visual imagery of the

visual cortex apparatus at work.

Like most philosophy it is rather in need of a extra dimension. So that most philosophy by the turn of the 18 th century neede a real  alterable format for consciousness: The early laugh a bits and flicks from the late 18 00 s were in need of some special effects


the early attempts of effects alongside a theatrical experience outside of the film could have been the reeking smell of Cheeze or a PIE

Movies like the scilent films had early on developed a sense extra dimension by using smells associated with for example

THE HAZZARDS OF HELENA which was a film about the extrovert escapisms of women, they actually used real coal in the movie theatre to give the effect of a real train. The moovie is lost in records and noone really knows. But some moovies were also basically the effects of somebody being shot so there was some effects hidden in the movie salongs…noone really cared to look it up or complain..It was only upto the images of the  17 00 s and the railway industry that motivated film from its early beginings in the image departmenets of photo art and much of the details were preserved due to the usage of   iron in the image developements much like the rail roads and their assistance from the early convict colonies in the opposite side of the world

that developed alondside the greater  market so that the illusion of a greater dimension was the illusion at the time…the  smell sense was probably there as well or a difference in the basic image resolutions…or the photo abuse by anatomy doctors and their early real evidence of SCIENCE manuals

on biological problems…which was thought to have dissapearedwith the 2 nd world war..

there is some data that would point to the usage of photoes as early as the 17 century if not the 16 th as the usage of photographs in books or photo type albums as well as the basics of childrens stories in which Hans Cristian Anderson made great debutes of real descriptives

Still lost somewehere between the 1 st and 2 nd world wars:


.to answer all the photo similarities to answer  personal  dissbeleif on a descriptive level

resulting in research on lower human problems..

The developements of later FILM had with it the usage of sound enhancements upto the stage of the modern surround sound.

But many still do not know of the MOVIE influences of the movie goers that developed symptoms similar to delusions of actually being in the presented movie scripts and subsequent research was made when some high dignitaries visiting the theatres were insulted and could not get inshurance for the illness that had no name.

developements of modern surround sound


The wars both of which made sense and nonesnse out of the paranoias and missunderstandings came hand in hand with the wars and the comfort complex of being seated , however the early and perhaps greatest missconceptions were that movie goers were afraid and fear was not a known type of physical response to a smell for example,even when there were company names represented for each type of perfume or aftershave

so that a lot of sufferers of being AFRAID had to turn to the early developers of a even greater unknown to fight against the basic incomes of the money made by relative points of view

; The nurseing of the effected individuals, some of the related to

STORED = STORY on a DO OR DIE basis in

FILM in DESIGN in PAINTING , in all of the arts suddenly becomes clearly defined as the complexity of all related to external realities…

the memory game without end

evidence points to movie goers being assisted into the state of the unknown as well as the nurses taking efforts to define the problem. The general opinion was that had the headwear of the human waste repository of the TRUTH OR DARE been shown as it really was: a head wear for the placement of human waste to show the higher fear centres of the human cognition and the related to symptoms of the interactions with what could only be defined by taking drastic action:

There secrets were hidden and the basis of FREUD and the ID in AFRAID became the  common illness of the thought complex in FREE REIGN through the channels of mind and body…free they said to inflict or alter anyones true sense perceptions…

by the turn of the century people were fed up about the direction of mentality and its controll so that some greats like Paul Brunton JOURNALIST PHILOSOPHER travelled afar to bring back a personal system on being fresh and clean knowing right from wrong




.THIS TYPE OF RELATED CONTEXTUALITY OF playing a multiple track related data content is a basic JOURNALISTIC way to convey the meanings of many places and concepts into one type of over valued or effective OVER-CONCEPTUALISATION as based on the

basic problems of the type of mind set that is used: with the SELF instructive there is always some general divergance from the main media format so that a generation of the medial formats = mediatative formattors: or the basic expression of freedoom by the sense enhancement techniques of a multiple NOW process to show the qualitative disruptions in comparatives on which is most liked as a type of questionaire:



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