force ,how to , on rotations


By Henryk Szubinski

ok you have a situation of 2 static objects and you want to construct a mechanism for both of them to pass each other while in displacement by a basic type button which will activate the mechanism that is shown as the construct by a basic press and turn..

The construct resultance is shown as a type usage of the 2 objects as put into rotation about each other while the boost for them to pass each other is defined as the button turning and subsequent pressure and turn = the orbital alterations into new orbitals that will force the objects to pass each other at a different angle to the horizon and pass each other..

basics of triangulation of one vector side and the Tan Cos Sin of the problems of combined vectors to define the vector directions of any of its sides

While the basics of the 2 objects in motion are computed as being effected by one of the cos sin tan combinations as a basic rule to locate a value of interacting universal bodeis in active displacement by the force that activates a safe displacement through a force field of activational mechanics such as the pressure related trigonometry




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