FEEL dialations theory Szubinski

Emotive dialations

By Henryk Szubinski

im currently working on a theory of dialations…I got on the buss to work where im designing a magasine…So i had this thought as i travelled to work:

the relativity of dialation is shown in the left mid

the set equation matrice is shown on the right hand side half way

the matrice will define the area in perspective as main image

the angles of related to parallells that bind everything by the angles of the set motion of the whole matrice multiples as the diagonal line parallell through the whole

the combined angle relation at base left corner as the basic amount of triangulations

inclusive of the flex at the right hand top side which defines the motion of the angles to turn a area in perspective

the theory of Einsteins dialation is based not on complex theories but the common feeling of the relations between a stationary object and a object beside it in motion giving the illusion of motion:

When theory breaks down , is what Einstein tried to define, it is the feeling of a situation which is used to define the theory….feeling is the same , its a basic extension of a dimension just as similar…So that when im defining dialations im actually using the emotion or feel of the mooving body ILLUSION….this is just as basic as emotion when a  theory is based on the general feel of a situation most pople are aquainted with….So that using the emotive the relations between the parts that make up the feel as a very certain event will be combined on the basis of what makes the feel the way it is: OR BASICALLY the parallell that runs between all of the feel sections: this defines feel as a real event in any amount of sections to define it…

Remember Einstein defined imagination as more  important than knowledge..


“you must feel the force flowing through you”


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