the ways of the force


the way of the force

By Henryk Szubinski

when youre out in the universe  alone , the way of the force

the basics of the future of SPORTS  classics that remain in a future million years when humans walk alone in the universe


being Beaten and having to fight are all part of one sport

answer : They are all sports being part of one sport

as a LITERAL meaning: a galaxy has to beat all of its stars into one part of its ecompassement of all other sports as a force and win in the Galactic centre:

This defines the sport of sports




basically a literal meaning conveys the almost real if not totally real descriptive

But based on a couple of rules; That the meaning conveys the action of something by allure or similarity and not the definite context of a descriptive involvement, It is like watching Tv but not having to partake in reality…

A type of sublime enjoyment..

The levels on which a galaxy works is by a graded type of classifications where the greater the difficulty = the next fase of the increased difficulties that will take you trhough the descriptive or Literal meaning of a learning by Literates or what is a basic rule in Literature

To combine suspense by the usage of Literal content in meaning as a developement of depth , just like the story of a galaxy and types of literal meaning in flims such as STARWARS and its usage of a FORCE

or its unfolding active parttaking in the literal sense…..not in contex, which is a personal interaction..

By Henryk Szubinski


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