flying cars without wings

By Henryk Szubinski




basic turbine shaft of the whole vechicle divided into 2 main rotators which will impulse by a minimal degree giving the typical dissonance into one direction on both of the turbines

While the whole shaft is vector direct ,,the usage of type surround surface areas that warp around the turbines will be open at the points where there is dissonance so that the usage of a open section will define the missing area in relations to dissonance of the angular momentum kick

THis will work on a action &/ or reaction similar to Newttonian mecghanics when the 2 open areas on the 2 SIURROUND areas that envelop the main vechicle are open in opposite directions and supported by a greater urface opening on the tail section while opening up the relations between the  1 open section at a smaller opening:

The interactions should give lift at a controllable level without the need for wings..


works by basic H2O formats and their bouyancy in occilatory rotations which are stabilised by the prime barrel or cage around the main generators ..



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