automated talent


By Henryk Szubinski




basically any format of play interactions by the referenced levels of start as the set value angle = x

and the basics of the positionality by referenced usage of the fold law into a basic multi vector sectional divisive into the amount of notes such as

Sol or do

and to combine theese into the basics of the  rate of response as on the angle used =x /  do

= a note with specific Displacement values along the musical time line so that the whole format will fold the vector into a vertical S = 3 amount with each folded section on the alternate side of the fold = 4 basic notes to define the super computations of the amount of

x / do = S as y

where y = the super decimal common to all of the values so that the replay will be activelly defining the process of the data on the amount of notes defined by the time line as based on the lowest value relation of the R4 = S 3

in which the basics of the data on using a volume comparative base value of human interactions by the gravity centrations point in usage with many interactive games….so that the value of volume = gravity / h

in which case the decimal x / do = S / y ( h)

= volume 1 / volume 2

This resultance will define the amount of sectional time values on the LUNAR orbitality which will use its amount of sectionals on the volume 1/2 basis as the general law of the definition to involve it in the angle comparatives of the basic larger volume as comparaed to its central gravity point as = to the alternate sectional amount of ORBITAL vectorisations by the basic Cir around the EARTH as the decimal relation to the whole open fased ready usage of the personal music maker programme…

Enjoy  the automation of TALENT



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