physical language

It is difficult to pose any concept that works against the Japaneese ..

The basic Work ethic works that way; noone takes any notice of the way one is

Wring or right does not matter; it is how to do the best work and work overtime to get the best results…

There is a Ancient Japaneese joke:

that if a smell is really offensive

The real Joke is the last smell that is funnier than the previous joke, Is it not

The basics posed to real and physical events can stemm from any missunderstanding or any preconceived concept of what is in no way related to the lower jaw and the nervous stimulii needed for a reflex equalisation with the ability to speak is really the language shared by all humans the ability to understand the language of laughter in this way:

NASA - The Andromeda Galaxy, M31, Spyral Galaxy Wallpaper




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