andromeda time problem

THE time problem

By Henryk Szubinski

If youre going to cheat by taking more time leaving early youll be the last to leave from relativity

This image from the WISE infrared space telescope shows the huge Andromeda galaxy and two of its satellite galaxies, M32 and M110, just above and below the main spiral, respectively. Andromeda, or M31, is the closest galaxy to our own, at 2.5 million light-years away. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA)

maeaning that in basic responses of a sail barge type propulsion the alternate hemisphere could be used on any velocity beyond the speed of light by the responsive S = displacemeent in one vector direction so that when the propulsion and its trail value S = the responsivie displacement to the end of its BURN value and responsive back to the spaceship by the S ahead on the S2 stage where the extra R resistance takes in the extra photon displacement beyond the BURNERS as on a

S 3 x =R +1

or the general displacement ahead so that the traces of the process set equations in values that = photon speed but in the multiple fold relations of warping the construct spaceship in such a way that

G a universal number is = solid reality of the basic equations for the integrity of a spaceship

= zm c+x/y-c

=stability by density

this then can travel at faster than light speed as well as defining the m values for a opposed relation to its displacement as the

c- stability density =S 3 x =R +1

So that the displacement can arrive ahead of its restricted light speed limitation on the dialations of

t+1 =S+1




concerning civilisations  on ANdromeda Galaxy

NASA released the first pictures from the WISE infrared space telescope Wednesday, including a new view of our closest galactic neighbour.

The new images include a shot of the Andromeda galaxy and its smaller satellite galaxies, a glowing comet, a distant galaxy cluster, and cloud of dust and gas teeming with newly born stars.


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