By Henryk Szubinski




the basic HEAVY weight of seeing and experiencing the actual software appearing everywhere as regards the space programme and NASA s Drive for the very high amount of projects everywhere are based on the following

1) the missions  to remote parameters by vechicles that are robotic

2) the data derived from thoose parameters

3) the software developements

As regards the drive of a very HIGH LOAD of what is termed 1 RESPONSABILITY

based on the amount of time in the multiples for each category of the developements that will need subsequent data developements as the following

a) the softwar develops into actual mission probabilities

b) the mission variances of possible explorations as regards to real and NEW missions

c) the context of Continuity for each subsequent developement

Theese are the basic LOW DOWNS for the REAL drive as concerns the HEAVY REALISATIONS that there is no real PHYSICAL evidence for any of the data BUT BY A HANDFULL of space explorers who are a limited and SPECIAL breed of explorer as concerns the PRICE and high costst of the space explorations BASED COORPERATIVES and their singular drive:

It is difficult to see theese developements as in a real and TANGIBLE progression of each INDIVIDUAL HUMAN NEED for the REALITY at a pfhysical level of TOUCH and sensations = ACTUALLY being there

As well as the basics of the NEVER ENDING amount of noew divergances and the WHOLE GENETIC FAMILY tree of space explorations would be a very high and heavily FERROUS type of BIO ORGANISM

As yet only a few branches but bearing as heavy a RESPONSABILITY as EACH HUMAN INDIVIDUAL being unable in their own respects to start such a venture as would stemm from a basic interest

What is needed is a direct drive for usage of data and its possibilities into the realms of software and REAL EXPERIENCE ENHANCING programmes

SO that the basic resultance of a 100 mission project LOAD of 50 years is not based on the existance of only 1 MAJOR CONTRIBUTION to the space race by the LUNAR MANNED LANDINGS but a format of solid data on such staged levels of what will be defined as

OBJECTIVE SPHERES in geeneral terms meaning advancements OUTWARDS to the BEYOND of the solar system and the BORING DRILL of the systems developed by the ASTRONOMICAL Civilisations of

EGYPT or  SUMMERIA  and the REALISATIONS that there is something beyond the basic LINITS of the outer solr system and the data that is Probably already OUT THERE when seeking data on NEW advances on the PERIMETERS of PLUTO and some general MYTHICAL type references made by the EGYPTIAN astronomical culture..

EVEN as such the REAL drive to states beyond the 10 000 DRIVE which will be defined as the INCESSANT need for continued developements outwards despite the need for rest and replanning of missions that will be in the order of thousands if not hundreds of thousands and probably milllions and STILL AS YET not beyond the THRESH – G- HOLD of the inner solar systems and PROBABLY only a mission made to MARS as a Manned efforts:

The amount of ANTICIPATIONS of the human POPULACE will be so great that the NET size as it is now would be expanded thousand fold and as such the amount of possibilities would be greater than the populace amount of humans on Earth…

The only real effort to define the feeling of a JOB WELL DONE will probably never cease to amaze , But the limits can already be felt..

As the basic day at WORK for the average human, to observe and interact with space programmes seems like a NEVER ENDING PROCEEDURE….and the HOPE that even a littlee CANNOT GO WASTED on the NO GO CERTAINTY of wanting to know more as is on the limits of understanding by the SLOW realisations most humans currently feel: THAT KNOWLEDGE IS MOOVING BEYOND EMOTION and that there are no moore EMOTIONAL STIMULANTS that could SUSTAIN EVENT the current amount of WORK into 1 CLOUD of KNOWLEDGE BASED RELATIONS in a  COMPUTERISED REALITY of Earths VOLUME of QUANTAL DATA BANKS to use their most early attempts at space travel MEET the projective estimates as WHERE THEYR are currently to PROOVE THE INCLING FEELING that there might not be time enough for EARTH in its search for greater amount of externalised curiosity at the rate of feeling COMPLIED to assist in the REAL WAY and get the feeling of EXILERATIONS of a escalative EARNING of INTERACTION:

Can MarSIAN missions in the future use recordive devices for A.I sense data to be brought back home and accessed by a computer user to feel the wind on a MArsian day or to feel the Temperature variations as well as the hardness beneath the feet or the gravity and how difficult it would be to walk if not easy enough: then how difficult and why not

theese are the basic questions confronting most of if not all humans THAT WHEN IT IS NOT EASY ENOUGH there is a lack of interest based on the emotioanl trill of exploration with the subsequent response HOW DIFFICULT would it be at the NEXT fase = always a stage upwards on the explorations scale of difficulty and as such when is such LARGE NUMBERS:

THE WHY NOT is posed as the relation to the causative resons of the ANSWER to the CAUSE of the PROBLEM which is ; when a high value resultant in the dissapointments of the explorers on Earth as well as in outer space…

So that IF you could get a specific result from the millions of possibilities by a vector usage of one grroup of explorers into a solid state value of REALITY the subsequent amount of GROUP related SOLID STATE PARAMETERS in a basic RANDOM objective as FULLFILLED

by the data advancements IT WOULD NOT SEEM as difficult to do ANYTHING  with a resultance FROM ANYWHERE…

as such This will be defined as the QUEST VALUE and in computations  of greater  PARTICIPATIONS on a non real difficulty level of REAL resultances…

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