rotational action reactions

rotational action reactions

by Henryk Szubinski


image courtesy of Wikipedia

types of motion force in opposition to motion by rotations that will pick up on the inertial moment of impulsed drag on how far a rotational solidity can go before it picks up the rest of the motion specifics on rotation


on the basics of multiple involvements with rotation as a point specific basic lower usage of force to get the higher efficiency of the external relations to how the left side will pull the solid state curvature of the action &/ or reaction = oppposed vector rotation in the opposite direction

the basics of each area being in a tracktion situation of gravity so that any action on turning a area in spacetime will depend on the gravity effect differences as rotation against each subsequent area in gravity so that the minimal difference of which direction the whole system is displaceing to = the system of :

10 N<—-1 D1


10 N—–>2D2

the basics of altered perspectives depends on the differencials 20 D2 /10 N = 1D

2 x 2 =10 N

4 F = 10 N

in general the displacement against the general vector directions of the whole system as



basically in opposite rotational moements that will define the F value difference between the differencials of  4F = 10 N

so that 2S 4 F = 10 N

8 /10 SF =N

or Newton basis for the general indications of gravity working against the flow of force as well as the alterations of force in direction will work for the flow in the opposite vector direction so that

1/2 Cir = 2 F

defining the general values of absorbtions of the responsives of action &/or reaction by the motion advantages in each stage of rotation


0.5 Cir Action / S = 2F reaction

making a basic difference of

2FS reaction = 0.5 Cir action

4 FS  reaction = Cir action

4FS reaction / action =Cir

or the basic WORK EQUATIONS

W4 rea/act = Cir

meaning that the alteration of a 1 value N force

W4 (N+1)/(1-N) = Cir

basic cancellations of the even values

W4 = Cir

defining the whole system in a super symmetry of a outstanding 1 value in the interactions of each stage as






the value outstanding = 6

so that the basis of shared 6 N events = 1/6 rotational gravity

W4 = cir 1/6

defining the Work in 4 quadrances by 1/6 full rotational =60 degrees

as a force of 6 quadrances in action &/or reaction with each other by compression into the 90 degrees of a full qauadrance coordination by x,y,z value interactions of the AREA unified 2Dimensionality of Euclidean coordinate forces from the 3 rd Dimension..

as will be defined as the z axis doing Work on any of its axial divisives of x/y = force


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