Film script: the last ledgends of Earth trilogy


by Henryk Szubinski

Europeiska flaggan

4 freedooms

the 5th framework the freedoom of knowledge moovement


the 7th framework

the concept appended data is made with MY OWN LEDGEND as based on the basics of a trilogy as well as the applicatability of it into the manuscript of the whole filmatisation I have defined as a script..

the data on this web site contains some 10 000 concepts for the usage of close to or similar value vechicles as would be or are functionate in the direct future of their constructions so that the QUEST is usable..






The Last Legends of Earth’ is a 1989 Science Fiction novel by A. A. Attanasio, the fourth and final novel in his Radix Tetrad series. It contains the continuing story of the conflict between the humans, zōtl, Rimstalkers, other spatial dimensions, and time-travel/temporal distortion as do other novels in the tetrad, though this novel is set in events before In Other Worlds.

The book has been republished by Phoenix Pick, an imprint of Arc Manor Publishers.

A triptyk (from greek. triptychos “three times”) is a painting divided into 3 sections

3 A = volume + A

a kind of alter with a mid image (corpus) and 2 side panel which can be closed like a closet

. Many of theese depict  DEATH prior to 7000 years of the time travel part of the movie

and where closed and open during life accellerations decellerations

The novel itself is the study of time and space. The novel featuring a large cast of primary and secondary characters whom inhabit the various ages and major characters who inhabit the entire novel’s timespan. Events of the story occur on a 15 planet star system just outside the Milky Way Galaxy and time corridors outside normal time called the “Overworld”.

The primary character is a young female Rimstalker named Gai. She is assigned as the Mission Commander to lure the zōtl spiderfolk with intelligent life as food and also to find an artifact (the O’ode) in order to kill the zōtl. Ultimately, humanity is brought back from the dead as bait for the zōtl. Gai and the few soldiers who are left after the zōtl attack on the Rimstalker’s world have been sent out to create artificial star systems and re-created intelligent lifeforms found in the dust of intergalactic space in order to lure zōtl.

The Rimstalkers live on a world that is just outside of a black hole that created the universe, the edge of spacetime itself. Thus meaning of Gai’s people’s name, the “Rimstalker”, those whom are living on rim of creation.

This is ribbon-shaped world that is being devastated by the spider-people called the zōtl, for energy. Originally, the zōtl were unaware of the Rimstalkers, but once the zōtl were informed of the Rimstalker’s existence, they immediately attacked populated areas in order to remove further resistance.

Time in Gai’s world, the Range, is distorted. Seven thousand years in real-time is a weekend in their world. The world is smaller than atom and its gravity is incredibly massive. This gravity is nothing to the inhabitants. Even though in spacetime (The void) where Gai was sent is faster than hers, time is running out for her people. The zōtl are devastating her world, so Gai is driven to move quickly.

Piloting a special ship that can transverse the gravity well from the range to outer space where energy is easier to create, Gai sets and baits the ‘trap’.

She has only 7 thousand years of real time in which to find the zōtl’s nest world before her ship has generated enough power to return home.

The book is divided up by “Age“, in which notable events accrue. Gai discovers a human which has been flung back from a distant time “Age” in which she is victorious. After aiding this human to try to find his lost love, She decides to track him and follow him to ensure that her future is same as the one he came from.

The story builds on multiple short stories of people and events that occur in these various time periods. The stories are linked together as being significant events in Chalco-Doror’s history. This is also a race to retrieve the zōtl killing artifact, the O’ode and stop one man who comes from the future where it all happens. The only means to find the O’ode is try to explore corridors of time in the “Overworld”. This effort takes time and a fantastic amount of power and courage in order to find this artifact.




to define  CANIBALISM and its variances of , as a ESSENCE event without food for  500 years that is part of the story essence

.The definition now a days is meant more as 3 staged works in general amongst humans who know

The central part is usually a depiction of some FARS KILLER WOMAN with EARTH myth as on the OTHER SIDE

or some similar motivf

in the outer sections of death…………





.definitions of the general progressions of the data on divisive history life stages in their most pronounced life event as the basics of the intermediate level of the displacement through life by the basics of not knowing where to go as well as no idea of what it is to start life off with the basis of the complex nature of trying to remembeer each section of life by self dociumented scribblings to the fase of birth and its images and symbols as the basis of the whole story being the descriptive of how a amn makes do with the concepts of avoiding death by the basis of the whole generalisations to a definition in broad context of the BLOOD LETTING and basics in implied relations to a way out of situations where there is only WORK and more work…as basic as the full IMPORTED WHISKEY TYPE ESSENCE from alter exo planetary systems

and the definitions of a non relateedd to accident with the ORDER  as a tragic resultance of a ended GAI planet career as well as any and every attempt to the higher life of the CLOSET

of the Earth data

which is worshipped for its inner hiden world as well as the types of meetings with the BIO EXPERTS and the order for  damage problem…. HOw this made him the choice of a woman which tied to make the whole section of his parts subject to the LAST MAGICIANS the basic hero group

meetings and his trancendental influencee of SPIRIT MEDIATIONS where the whole basis of wearing coloured PLASMA EFFECT clothing to such a point that the distress of watching  LAUGH A BITS from 1000 years ago on the surface of space suits

all day long

and the basis of the NO GO situations where the continuations of the basic drive to meet the requirements of his mentor and his own drive to torment EARTH

with a work scheduale that is continually resultant in watching the mirror upto the point of madness….

the data on the dubious character known of as


2 x does not equate to 180 degrees

reversed moove into a higly fragmented reality

where the moovement of similar mooves back home made the time to survive black holes

had some build on the basics of the line to say there is a greater man than any description can med by his name alone

Volumetrically .theese type vampires were closed inside of

EARTH  throwing into the GARBAGGE section

wounded during the end of it the next day

dumped into

the FOrce of the work he made with mathematics

,while making measurements  in a attempt to make a BIO SUSTAINABLE essencee

.was known of in the Earth section of the Milky way  as the BIO ESSENTIALS  fight that broke out amongst the Earth sector

in General while the Masters were invited.



.basics of a day gone wrong the Hero  ran to the sea shore bent on drowning himself in the MILKY WAY SEA

out at the ochean and making efforts to float in dreams ..

Casals was denied the rank of vampire and  was himself  a deranged failure of  MASTER day and night courses

;making efforts to kill MASTER  with a song he composed and planned to play at a meeting with the Master  society

Generally the whole grroup broke out in tears and were subsequently very kind to Hero

so that in every attempt to subsequently kill himself

he was always discovered in the act of


” Plucked whole from the stride of oblivion,
you spirals of ascension
shall climb again into flesh –
and your black silence shall unwind into light. ”

GENITRIX : An advanced machine intelligence designed to search for ( and activate ) fossilized genetic material found in the immense void of space.
Our Earth at this time is just a dust cloud of debris due to our sun going nova two billion years ago.


There was no other way to end it so that in the stage where he had  NO WAY BACK, no  HEROINE or KIDS or any ressemblance to fakeing his DEATH  was subsequently discovered as a fake  fakeing his own death reason

everything seemed to go wrong when at that moment the rest of his life changed He dies of a heart attack running out of the EARTH power  and slamming into the doors


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